The Body Shop Strawberry EDT: Review

Hey everyone!

Today is the turn of yet another fragrance review this week (and another one coming up next, so stay tuned) after the Demeter fragrances. I have been enjoying a host of new fragrances this summer, and The Body Shop Strawberry EDT is definitely one of my favorites. Read on to know more!

Price: Rs. 895 for 30mL. Availability: Online at

the body shop edt strawberryAbout The Body Shop Strawberry EDT: Can’t get enough of Strawberry? Get a fix of your favourite fruity scent in an eau de toilette format. 
• Eau de toilette 
• Light and wearable 
• Sweet, fruity scent 
• Contains strawberry extract Continue reading

amanté lingerie

Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first!- Carrie Bradshaw

That’s what I feel about delicate, gorgeous lingerie- the most important part of a woman’s attire.

You can wear the most expensive outfit, but if you are not wearing the right lingerie with it, consider all your money gone down the drain. And it is no secret that a good pair of lingerie can be such a boost for one’s confidence.

In this post I am going to share some pieces from the very interesting collections of amanté lingerie. They have all sorts of pieces in their collections- from bridal-wear to everyday and sports wear, delicate lacy numbers to push-ups, from balconettes to racerbacks, from boy-shorts to bikinis and thongs- you are sure to find your favorites. Below are some of my favorite lingerie picks from amanté for you to gorge on :)

Poetess (Red)

This set is perfect for bridal trousseau and for you-know-what! :D Has intricate lacy patterns on a peek-a-boo net fabric :D Can only think of naughty stuff :P

amante lingerie bridal Continue reading

Gia Bath & Body Works ‘Dark Angel’ and some other new products

Hey everyone!

I’m going to talk about my super-favorite products from Gia Bath and Body Works in this post. One of these is the reason why my face is breaking out 99% lesser than usual. Yes, I had a ‘usual’ break-out cycle. I had accepted a certain amount of break-outs as part of my life. But not any more! Read on if you are intrigued already!

gia bath and body works dark angel scrub (2)Gia Bath & Body Works ‘Dark Angel’ Continue reading

My #SecretTravel tips for frequent travellers!

beach holiday makeup lookHey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you all my secret travel tips and tricks in this post for all frequent travellers. Since the past one year, travel and trips have been a part of my routine on a monthly basis. Sometimes, even twice a month. Have been to Rishikesh twice, Mussoorie, Mumbai around 6-7 times, Andamans, etc. in the last one year itself, and I feel I have now become an expert at frequent travels. So below are my #SecretTravel tips: Continue reading