Video: How to color correct and conceal dark circles

Hey everyone!

So I’ve finally decided to do new videos every week, possibly every Wednesday! Okay, I’m late in publishing this blog post, but the video did go live on my YouTube channel yesterday :P

Starting off a ‘Makeup Basics’ series now, and here’s the first one- how to color correct and conceal under-eye dark circles. I’d already done a pictorial long back, and now we also have this video to guide you on this. You may check it out below :)

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#Trend: Why wedges are a hot favourite right now!

Hey girls!

As much as I love me some pointy heels, there’s no denying the fact that they are a pain to wear! And the higher the heel, the more the pain. Personally, I don’t like mid-length heels. I either wear flats, or go the stiletto way. Add to it my short height which makes it all the more necessary for me to wear the tallest of heels. A few of my friends are getting married next month, and since I’ll be attending wedding functions for almost 10 days in a row soon, I’m seriously thinking of investing in some wedges now to keep my feet from going insane.

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February 2015 favorites: Skincare, makeup, nails, etc.

Hey everyone!

February 2015 has also wrapped up now, and this year is really REALLY flying by! I know I say this very often… But the year really is flying by! Happening with any of you too!? Below are some of my February 2015 favorites, and mini reviews of products that haven’t been reviewed yet :| I’m also turning into a lazy bum.. I know!

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L’Oreal Mythic Oil nourishing masque: Review

Hey everyone!

So if you have read my post on my hair smoothening experience, you’d know I’m using the L’Oreal Mythic Oil nourishing masque for my hair at the moment. And, oh boy! This is probably one of the best products I’ve ever tried on my hair. Like, ever!!! Read on to know more!

Price: 850 for 200g. Available in salons and online

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Head and Shoulders Nourishing Winter Care review+ winners!

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to quickly review the Head and Shoulders Nourishing Winter Care shampoo. Winters do bring dry, itchy scalp issues for a lot of us, and having a gentle shampoo to take care of the scalp is almost a necessity! Read on for the review, and the hamper winners’ announcement at the end of the post!

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