Hollywood bridal looks we love!

Bollywood and Hollywood portray entirely different ethos of weddings be it with respect to the setup, the attire or the rituals. Period! Thanks to Hollywood movies, we see that weddings there aren’t as elaborate affairs as they are in Bollywood movies. But that does not deter us from drawing inspiration from the wedding trousseau of ‘Videsi’ brides, right? After all, it is 2016 and we have begun experimenting with wedding attires, haven’t we? So, in line with that thought, today your eyes will get to feast upon the jaw-dropping wedding gowns of H-wood ladies who strutted in them with as much aplomb with which they uttered ‘I do’.


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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes 2016

Hello ladies!

Come Cannes, and us Indians have our eyes glues to social media at all sorts of odd hours (thanks to the time difference between India and the French Riviera) to know who-wore-what-when-how-why!! And needless to say, we are always curious to see what Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore! In her 15th year at Cannes, here’s what the star has been donning.

aishwarya rai bachchan cannes 2016 red carpet

Best bridal outfits to steal from bollywood flicks

Thanks to being fed on Bollywood for years, it is small wonder that we look to our tinsel town ladies for style inspiration. In fact, hearing dialogues like “Bhaiya, wo Kareena wala lehenga hai to batao warna main chali” or “Mujhe bus Alia ka Radha wala lehenga chahiye. Aur koi nahi chalega” aren’t startling. Come wedding season and every designer’s den/apparel store will be swarmed by such ladies whose knowledge of Bollywood flicks (more appropriately, knowledge of ‘wedding trousseau’ from Bollywood flicks) will put you to shame!

On that note, let me bring to you a list of top 7 Bridal outfit looks that you should shamelessly steal from B-town flicks. Ladies, shall we get going?

best bollywood bridal looks

Lemon- the magic beauty ingredient!

Hey there girls! What don’t we do to keep our skin flawless! Regular visits to the salon, picking out the best beauty products, following a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes the answer to a healthy skin is right in front of us! As it is rightly said, the best things come in small packages! Today, I will be talking about a simple home remedy just right in your refrigerator.

Lemon! The yellow fruit is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C and other minerals that work wonders for our hair and skin, the natural way! So, let’s get started & take a look at the various beauty benefits this citrus fruit has to offer.

lemon beauty

Blog sale: May 2016

Hey girls! Here’s clearing my makeup stash! Enjoy the sale! All prices are in INR. Rules as below: […]