NEW Pantene hair fall control shampoo: Review

Testing out new products is such a constant part of the life of a blogger. But this whole experimentation becomes worth it when you come across products that ACTUALLY do what they claim to do! It is a whole different kind of satisfaction to discover products that fulfill the claims written on the back side! One such product is the all NEW Pantene Hair Fall Control shampoo and conditioner. I took their 14 day challenge to test this on my hair. Read on for the full review.


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Calista Spa by Tattva Spa, Double Tree by Hilton Agra: Reviews

Hey everyone!

A few weekends back, me and my bestie happened to travel to Agra for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi since we were so much in need of a break. We just wanted to lounge around in the hotel, enjoy some food and spa and take a dip in the pool for complete relaxation. Like our last visit to Agra, this time too we happened to try a spa by the Tattva Spa team- the Calista Spa by Tattva spa at Double Tree by Hilton, Agra. Read on for the deets.


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Bring Life Back to your Skin with Oxylife Bleach | #SayYesToOxygen

In the fast paced life of today, the most common problem we face is that of dull skin. Stress and repeated exposure to sun and pollution are the biggest enemies of our skin, and can reflect upon our skin in no time. The result- dull, lifeless skin! Well guess what? There are ways you can bring life back to your skin by using the power of Oxygen. I’ve been using the Oxylife bleach for years now and totally love it. Here’s why you should give the power of oxygen a try too:


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Satthwa premium hair oil: Review

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review, Price India

Hey everyone!

It is officially FALL season all around us. And while in India, you don’t really get those picture perfect fall scenes with tree leaves in a multitude of colors all around, you do get one thing for sure- hair fall! The moment seasons change here, hair fall is something you need to tackle, no matter where you live. I have, however, come across a product recently which helped me a great deal during this changing season this time- the Satthwa premium hair oil. Read on for the full review.


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Vanity Cask beauty subscription box- Review

Hello lovely ladies!

It has been some time now since the Indian market was introduced to the concept of subscription boxes, and now we have quite a few options in front of us. Today I am going to introduce you to a new entrant in the beauty subscription box category in the Indian market- Vanity Cask. Read on to know my take on this box, and how it is different from the rest of them!


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Sunscreen- A must for Indians round the year!

Sunscreen is that one product which is the most important one towards our skincare, but also the most neglected one. As much as it is important for everyone, for us Indians, it becomes all the more important because of the following reasons:

  1. Climate: Most parts of our country (barring high up north and some parts of north east) have a tropical climate for a major part of the year. This makes applying sunscreen super important for all of us. And, the parts that do not face that tropical climate and are relatively colder for the major part of the year too necessitate sunscreen application because you don’t always see the sun through the clouds and the fog, but the sun’s harsh rays can penetrate the clouds and still damage the skin.

Read the full post on Vanity Cask blog- Vanity Buzz.

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Stunning weekend getaway pics with the Zenfone 3

Hello everyone!

What a fab weekend just went by! I had probably my most relaxing weekend ever, lazing around in the stunning Double Tree by Hilton hotel at Agra. Me and my bestie took off to Agra on Saturday morning and came back Sunday night, feeling fully relaxed. We enjoyed the spa, the hospitality of the hotel and the luxuries of their presidential suite and lounging by the poolside to our heart’s content. I even got a little lazy with the phtography bit, ditching my DSLR for the amazing Asus Zenfone 3! Check out some pics from this new phone below.


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The Hidesign love affair

Hello everyone!

It is very rare for me to fall totally in love with a brand, at least in terms of being a repeat customer. I like trying new brands every time I shop, and not very often will you see me carrying two products from the same brand in my ‘look’. Well, Hidesign is one big exception here, and it has maintained this spot for a lot of years now.

I discovered Hidesign when I was still studying, when Dad got himself a Hidesign wallet and belt. This was long back. That must have been almost 15 years back. And the moment I held that men’s wallet in my hand, I knew I wanted to own some products from this brand too. And soon.

hidesign indian fashion blogger

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