VOV 98-in-1 eyeshadow palette-Review

Hey everyone! How’s the summer treating you all…its so scorching hot in Delhi. The temperature is reaching 46-47 degrees *sweat*
Anyways, writing for my blog gives me so much joy, that it makes me forget the temperature outside. Literally!
Today I’m reviewing VOV 98-in-1 eye shadow palette.

About VOV 98-in-1 eye shadow palette: This is funny now. Below is all the information that I could get:
·         Eye shadow kit for girls (lmao… what else could it have been??)

·         Contains 98 different shades and four brushes (not brushes, applicators, silly!)

·         Light catching shimmers instantly brighten your eyes

·         All day wear without fading or creasing

Price: Varies between Rs. 500-900, depending on where you’re getting it from. VOV products have no MRP. Each seller quotes a different price. I got it for Rs. 500.. Yayy
Packaging: The VOV 98-in-1 eye shadow palette comes in a rectangular, off-white case, with clear circular windows above all the shades inside. On the inside, the shades are embedded on the base, with 4 applicators tucked in the centre. The lid had a mirror on the inside. List of ingredients is mentioned on the bottom of the case.


Applicators: The VOV 98-in-1 eye shadow palette has 4 sponge-tipped applicators, which in my opinion are useless. I have just used 2 applicators, only for swatches for this post. I do not use them otherwise.
Pigmentation: The eyeshadows in this palette are decently pigmented, and they transfer to the lid well. Though a primer underneath is a must for the color to show properly. the palette that I have is palette no. 1 (I guess. That’s what’s written ont he back, but I’m only guessing), and some shades have a pearl finish, some have glittery finish. But I’m not complaining, as I do not wear eyeshadows on a daily basis.

Texture: The texture is not too smooth, but not gritty, but what else do you want for 500 bucks?

Without flash

With flash
Fragrance: yes, these eye shadows come with a pleasant, flowery fragrance, which does fade away in some time.
My take: I bought this eyeshadow palette Just-Like-That! Yes, we spend our money on so many things we don’t really need, right?? This was one of them. But now that I’ve turned into a beauty blogger, I am going to put this palette to much use, for the EOTD posts. Its an okayish palette, with decent pigmentation and not-too-good staying power. Both these can be increased by using an eyelid primer or eyeshadow base (any suggestions, girls??)

I have used this palette to create the Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes inspired eye make-up look, like in the pic below:
·         98 shades in a single palette. Covers almost all colours you can think of, even an orange and a bright, bridal red.
·         Easy to carry
·         The size of each eyeshadow pan is around an inch, so good quantity
·         Slim case, travel friendly
·         Price.
·         98 shades for such a less price, so you can guess the quality
·         Applicators are useless
·         Staying power is not too good, though a primer can help
·         Pigmentation is average, can be improved with a primer, though
Verdict: Overall, if you’re not into eyeshadows for a daily basis, and if you don’t wanna spend a bomb on too many eyeshadows, this can be a good bet.
Rating: 8/10

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    1. i know of a shop in lajpat nagar market in Delhi. that ‘bhaiya’ keeps all such stuff ;-)this is the only one i have bought from him, though!

    2. hey Vanu, you can easily find this in tina market, lajpat nagar….its a small basement kinda ‘gali’ in the centre of the market..the shopkeepers keep a lot of imported stuff… i’ll mail you!!

  1. Hey awesome review.. Ritu!!

    i like VOV stuff personally, they are cheap and good at the price offered.

    I Have professsional e/s palettes from VOV in blue green and smokey black n i mussay the pigmentation is really good, it has a little fall out prob but i dont mind as i don expect too much at the price of Rs. 200/250 😉

  2. Hey, VOV is a korean brand right? Did the store you bought this palette from sell BB creams too? I really want to try a korean BB cream.

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