Guest post by Shazia of Obsession into action blog.

This make-up look is inspired by stylish Shilpa Shetty, which she wore on her wedding Reception. What I have observed from the picture (below) is that she was wearing soft gold and blue smokey eyes.

So,lets move on to the step by step tutorial:

(1)Start by priming your eyelid.

(2)Apply any gold color base(cream eyeshadow,jumbo pencil or eye pencil)all over your eyelid and on the brow bone area.

(3)Take a blue eyeshadow with a pencil brush and apply on the outer v area extending outwards creating a cat eye shape.Apply this color on lower lash line as well.

(4)Pack yellow gold eyeshadow all over the eyelid area and blend out any harsh line.

(5)Apply matt black eyeshadow on outer v area and blend out with blue color eyeshadow.Apply on lower lash line as well.

(6)Highlight your brow bone area with a white shimmery color.

(7)Apply any glitter which reflects gold(Mac reflects gold glitter)on eye lid area.

(8)Apply black eye pencil on lower and upper lash line and smudge it.

(9)Draw  black gel eyeliner close to upper lash line.

(10)And finally  Mascara and false lashes if you prefer.

Products used:

(Left to right-Dark bluish color from duo from oriflame,White and black color from duo eyeshadow duo, Reflects gold glitter from starway ,Golden cream eyeshadow as a base)

(yellow gold eyeshadow from 88 shimmer palette)

Hope you all liked the tutorial.

Guys, please leave comments below, and do check out Shazia’s blog too! She is amazing at eye make-up!

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