Friday Feature: Smart tips for smart working women

Guest post by Nivedita of Indian Belle.
You are a smart 21st century who’s landed a dream job and love it as well. 

However, you’re jittery because you want to look your best, and still not seem like a woman on the red carpet! So, what’s the solution? Here’s what you can do!

For clear skin:

  • Since you are a working woman, you’ll need to nourish yourself from the inside first. It is because, if your nourishment is right, everything will be taken care of.
  •  Remember! Clear skin is a result of green vegetables and salads, fresh fruits and 3-4 litres of water.
  • Oily and spicy food, aerated drinks, fries and fast food and sweets are a strict no no.
    • Strategy: Eat 2 fruits a day and add salads to your lunch or dinner. Cook food with less oil or better eat soups, stew and boiled food. (I know it tastes bland, but think about the wonders this will do to you!
  • CTM routine must be followed. Before you go to bed, clean your face and neck, apply toner and then moisturiser.
    • Tip: Go for a natural moisturiser such as aloe vera gel, olive oil or sweet almond oil when you go to sleep. Apply the oil in minor quantities.
  •  Exfoliation is a trick to a clean and clear skin. Twice a week after washing your face, use a mild exfoliator to remove blackheads and oil-build up.
  • Sun protection is vital for your skin to look young and fresh.
  • Go for a haircut that suits you. Consult a hair-stylist for best results.
  • For healthy hair, you could follow this formula. Oil your hair with warm coconut or olive oil and keep overnight. Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo the next day morning. You’ll love your hair, I’m sure.
  • Well maintained and shaped eyebrows go a long way in giving you a wonderful look.
  • Use aloe vera gel or honey to manage dry hair.

 Make –Up tips:
  • To perk up your face instantly, rub an ice-cube all over you face and then apply foundation.
  •  If you think foundation would give you a ‘cakey’ appearance, go for a tinted sunscreen or matte sunscreen.
  • Apply generous amount of kajal in your eyes, the night before. Next morning, just wipe off the smudged kajal around your eyes and you’re set.
  • On bad days, use a red or brown lip gloss to perk up your face. You could go for a similar lipstick as well.
  •  To set unruly hair, wear a scarf tightly after you’ve shampooed and dried your hair considerably. Your hair will be nicely set.
  • Oily skinned women should love lemon and rose water for its oil reducing capacity. Cool a bottle of rose water and apply it with cotton on a clean face, after you’re home.

 Following these tips and regular skin regime, will not only help you to look attractive but graceful and elegant as well. 

Ritu says: Thanks for the lovely tips Nivedita. I’m sure these will benefit a lot of girls out there!
Guys, do check out her blog and support her, she’s a newbie blogger amongst us!

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