Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean: Review

Hi girls!

I’m reviewing a very pocket-friendly body mist in this post. It’s the Pucelle Mist Cologne in Wavy Ocean. I spotted this at a super-market store, and had to pick it up! Read on to know more.

Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean

Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean (1)

About Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean: Spray on your body! Be yourself and feel great, with the scent of unique gorgeous floral and fresh marine, girls!

Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean- About

Price: Rs. 90

Packaging: The Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean comes in a round, plastic, see-through bottle, with a spray dispenser, and a small translucent blue cap.  The bottle is color coded in blue, in keeping with the color of the ocean/ water. I have seen other bottles in green, pink, etc. The bottle is travel friendly.

Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean- packaging

Ingredients: Not mentioned anywhere

Fragrance: From my review of the Elizabeth Arden- Mediterranean EDP, you must be knowing that I love fragrances which remind me of the sea. This one also fits the bill perfectly. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance which instantly transports me to the beach, very fresh! It does have a slight hint of floral fragrances to it.

Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean: Fragrance features

My experience with Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean: The Pucelle Mist Cologne- Wavy Ocean has a nice, pleasant and mild, and has an average staying power of 2-4 hours on me, after which it slowly fades away. I like to use it along with other perfumes, and it complements them very well. As in, it doesn’t over-power the perfumes, just adds to the body of the perfume by slowly sitting on the skin! For this price, I couldn’t have asked for anything else!

·         Mild, pleasant fragrance
·         Does not over-power perfumes
·         Stays for a decent time on my skin
·         Travel friendly, cute packaging

·         Availability may be an issue, I have not seen this product very frequently on the shelves at stores.

Verdict: If you find it, do pick it up. It’s total value for money!

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried any body mists from Pucelle? 
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  1. i remember picking up few bottles of this mist as gifts for my friends during bangkok trip few yrs back .. now they r easily available in india too.. 🙂 I have tried pink one and i absolutely luvd the aroma .. its a bit sad that the aroma doesnt linger too long

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