MAC makeup lessons: my experience

Hey everyone!
This post has been long pending. Apologies for the delay!
You all must have seen a glimpse of my make-over at the MAC store in THIS post. Today I’ll share with you all my experience at the store.
I had pre-bookedmyself into a training session. You need to take a prior appointment, and the session can be taken only on weekdays. Currently, the session costs Rs. 6000.
The table spread out for me. I wish I own all this and more some day!
The MUA first discussedwith me my skin type, my daily make-up routine, what all products I use from MAC (if any), what make-up brushes I own, and what I was expecting from the session. She carefully listened to all of my answers.
The MUA did the make-up on the right side of the face, and I was asked to practice simultaneously on the left side, so as to perfect the techniques. I quite liked this hands-on way of teaching/ learning, since its easy to perfect the art of make-up while you’re learning with a MUA.
So, beginning with the session, the MUA first cleansed my face with MAC wet wipes. I was not wearing any makeup, as you can see in the pics, but cleaning all dust from the face is important.
She then started with cleansing my face using MAC wet wipes, followed by Fix+ and oil control lotion.
Then we proceeded with the make-up. I basically wanted to learn face contouring, and the MUA very patiently taught every minute thing to me, and I’m so very glad I took this short lesson. I knew the basics of contouring, but I wanted to learn from a specialist how contouring should be done for me, depending on my features. Contouring can make a lot of difference, and you will see that in the images below. I have a huge nose, and see, it looks slimmer in the ‘after’ pic.
The MUA suggested a coloured smudged smokey eye, with a light plum lip. This was the first time I tried a smudged eyeliner look on me, and I loved the after-effects of the look. Thereafter, I also tried a red lipstick (my friend was shocked to hear that I even wanted to try red!), and my my, I am in love with reds now, officially! All in all, I tried 3 lipsticks.
And now for some before and after pics:
Before and after!
My first shot at red lipstick!
All the tips and tricks that I learnt in the session, I shall be sharing bit by bit with you all here.
After the session, you can buy anything from the MAC store worth the amount that you pay for the session, so all in all, the session turns out to be free of cost. I bought the following items, ofcourse, the bill exceeded Rs. 6000 😛
My haul!
The total duration of the session was around 2 hours. All in all, a very satisfactory session. I picked up a lot of tips for myself, and also hauled a bit.
Have you attended the training session at MAC? How has your experience been? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. The before pic looks anything but Ghastly!
    But yeah u look totally stunning in the after pic!! Im loving the smudged eyeliner look.I wanna try it now.Pls do a tute on it!

    At first i was shocked at the price..6k for a day’s session sounds ALOT!But when u can buy stuff worth 6k it seems totally worth it. Im sure alot of brides would like trying this out!

    1. you are a sweetheart Lee… that pic is scary, even for me… i never stay that bare-faced in real life!
      thanks a ton… will do a post on it soon…

      and yeah, in the end, the session is completely worth it… have already suggested it to a friend’s sis for her wedding prep 😀

  2. That takes real effort and courage to put a Makeupless picture on a beauty blog.
    Even though it is ghastly, its honest.
    That’s one total turn around. Looking forward to the tips 🙂

  3. Sounds like a very cool experience, which I’d like to try too, though am not sure if the service is available here. The red lippie in the last pic looks suits you so well! Seriously it looks so good on you. I wonder what that lippie is. And you do not look ghastly in the before pic, I assure you. You look normal! 🙂

    1. oh yeah, all my bright lip colors are thanks to the motivation from you! thanks a ton!
      and i think the session is just fab for people like us!:)

  4. wow I am planning to enroll myself for this training session in jan as its my wedding aniversary or feb…as its my bdy…

    and gud part is that one can buy guds worth same cost 🙂

    loved ur look….u look gud in red….buy it…its worth 🙂

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