How to apply blush/ contour cheeks: Pictorial

Phew, I’m finally doing this much-awaited and much-requested tutorial on blush application and cheek contouring.
This tutorial could be re-named to ‘Where to apply blush’. In my opinion, applying blush is not as much about the procedure (how) as it is about the placement (where) of the blush. Apply it to the right spots, blend well, and you’re done!                                                                           
                  cheek contouring and blush application
I am demonstrating cheek contouring here, which includes blush application and sculpting with make-up. If you just want to use a blush, go ahead, and skip the contour and highlighting shades.                                 

cheek contouring and blush application (2)

You have to work with 3 products for contouring– 
  • a dark contouring shade
  • a blush in the color of your choice
  • a highlighting shade
You will need the following brushes:
  • a round blush brush or an angled blush brush- for the blush
  • an angled brush- for the contour shade
  • a fan brush- for the highlighting shade
1. Understand the natural contour of your face. Each one of us has a different face cut, and hence the old-fashioned rule of placing the blush onto the apples of the cheeks (which makes everyone look like a clown!) does not suit everyone!
2. The most important step is to determine the lines and area of placement of products onto the skin:
Use the first two fingers of your hand as a guide- place the base of the first finger (marked A) around the corner of the lips. Next, place the tip of the index finger (marked B) near the outer corner of the eye, and the tip of the middle finger (marked C) along the middle of the ear. This forms a V-shape on the face. The blush goes into the V, the contour below it and the highlight above it. Simple!

cheek contouring and blush application (3)
Still confused? Pick up any pencil and place it along the same lines. You will get to know the approximate areas of application for the products, one at a time. Look into the mirror carefully to know the approximate lines.

cheek contouring and blush application (4)

    3. Once you roughly know where to place what product as per the above steps, you need to start applying. Now, the area of application is different for each product. Imagine a line running down from the outer part of the eyebrow till the jaw.
    a. The blush is to be applied on both sides of the line.
    b. The contouring shade is to be applied from the ear upto the line
    c. The highlighting shade is to be applied starting from the line, upto an inch of the area. (roughly, just below the eye)
    The below picture will make it clear.

    cheek contouring and blush application (5)

    To apply products, just pick up some product onto the right brush, sweep it onto the area of application, and blend it well using the brushes. 
    The end result:

    I hope I was able to explain things to you properly here, and you were able to make some sense out of the lines and circles in the pictures.
    PS: The pictures here demonstrate blush application/ contouring for every-day makeup, and not necessarily party make-up. You can apply more product, blended well, of course, for events.
    PPS: Pictures have been edited, since this post is not about a specific product and it’s review.

    Do let me know how you found the post. I am very curious for your feedback on this post. Please leave a comment below.
    Thanks 🙂

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    1. Omg! This is easily the most helpful n detailed tute Ive come across on contouring n blush application.No YT guru has ever explained it so well and made it so easy to follow..! Ive been highlighting my cheeks the wring way all this time :'(..ah thank u so so much for the tute..Take a bow! Bookmarking it <3

    2. Nicely done Ritu, I totally agree with the placement of products . very well explained. I was expecting one before and after pick as well , demonstrating the effect of contouring.

    3. I was not into contouring and highlighting.. just sticked to blush only.. You have made me learn the importance of contouring and highlighting through very easy steps.. I love ur tutorial.. very detailed and well explained.. I will keep this fr reference. and I am surely purchasing the Sleek Contour Kit..

    4. Yay Ritu! Glad to see you using actual contouring powder and doing it right too! 😀 Lovely tutorial! I’m sick of hearing some bloggers go on about bronzers for contouring, >.< so I'm really happy to see this done right!


      Ive read a lot of tutorials and only with this one I was able to achive this tecnique!!!!!

      I really appreciate it!! THANKSSSS

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