Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray: Review

Hey everyone!
I’m reviewing a hair spray today. I bought this Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray long back, I guess around my birthday in November last year, and I haven’t used it too much, mostly because I do not like using too many chemicals on my hair on a regular basis. But for the few times I have used this product, I’ve seen okayish results.
Read on to know my take on this one!
enliven ultra hold hair spray

About Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray: Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray contains Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 to help replace lost Amino Acids found naturally in the hair, helping to strengthen and maintain healthier hair. Suitable for all hair types.

enliven ultra hold hair spray review

Price: Rs. 209 for 300mL

Packaging: Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray is a tall pressurised cannister, white in color on the outside, and it has a white cap. The can has a spray nozzle, which is easy to use. The pack as such is travel friendly, but the spray cannister is a huge one, so one cannot carry it in the hand-bag.

enliven ultra hold hair spray reviews

Ingredients: I got lazy with that this time, sorry! But, there are a LOT of things in there!

enliven ultra hold hairspray review
Swatch (1 spray)

My take on Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray: The product is a clear, light watery product, which does not weigh down the hair. The spray nozzle spreads the product easily. Care needs to be taken to keep the spray can at an elbow’s distance from the hair, to avoid wet patches on the hair, and subsequent mess in the hair. The hairspray does its job fairly well. My hair naturally hardly holds curls on its own since the hair is thin (those with thick hair are blessed in this regard, curls mostly stay on their own if one has thick hair!). So if I’m planning a hairstyle with curls, I definitely need a fixing spray. This hairspray holds hairstyles well, and for about 5-6 hours, the hairstyles stay in place. The kind of finish you get from this spray is not un-natural looking, papad-like hair.
The spray has a pungent smell like all hair sprays, but with a floral component. So you can imagine the fragrance.
The only drawback I see is that the hair tends to look a little dry the next day. I mean, I always HAVE to shampoo the next day, in order to remove the product from the hair, since they start looking dry. Those with dry hair may not fancy this. I haven’t noticed any strengthening of the hair, but this product has not precipitated hair fall, or caused any other hair problems.

All in all, this hairspray works just fine, though nothing extraordinary too.

Pros of Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray:

  • Light watery product. Does not weigh down the hair.
  • Holds hair styles for a good number of hours
  • Does not give an un-natural look to the hair
  • Easy to wash-off
  • Functional packaging
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online

Cons of Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray:

  • The hair tends to look dry the next day
  • The fragrance, not many will fancy (but then, all hair sprays smell yuck!)

Verdict: If you have oily/ normal hair, check this one out. Those with already dry hair may need to was the hair the next day after usage. Otherwise, it works fine!

Rating: 7.5/10

Have you tried Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray? Which is your favorite hairspray? Please drop in your suggestions below.

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  1. Thanks God I can comment now 🙂 I thought you have blocked me 😉 LOL … I wanted to say that this product does look good and i am definitely gonna try it since we don’t get much such options/ products around

    1. lol, ban you? hahaha… not in my dreams!
      and as for this product, try it only if you dont have dry hair… but yes, we dont have many options around…. 🙁 I’m gonna try Tigi or Bedhead next!

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