Base Make-up lesson #4- Color Correctors

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Hey everyone!

Here’s part-4 of the Base Make-up Lessons series, wherein we try and de-code the myths and facts behind products that go into creating a flawless base on the face. Before we proceed, check out the previous posts in this series:

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Today, let’s talk about color correctors- what they are, why we need them, and do we even need them? Read on!

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What is a color corrector?

A color corrector is basically a product which is used to neutralise unwanted color on the skin- (PS: by unwanted color, I do not mean tan/ natural skin color- that you cannot change!). Unwanted color/ discoloration can be because of something temporary– like active acne (redness), deep dark circles (bluish/ purplish discoloration), or something permanent– like a tattoo, a freckle, a birth-mark, etc.

If you have dull skin temporarily, you can correct that too up to a certain extent, but you cannot change your skin-tone with color correctors.

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What’s the concept behind color-correction?

Okay, so there’s a theory behind color correction! You basically work with the color-wheel concept. If you are into painting and that sort of art work, you must have already heard of the color wheel.


It is basically a circle of colors, based on 3 primary colors- red, yellow, blue.

Chuck that, what we need to understand here in terms of color correcting makeup, is that if you add up two colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, they get neutralised.. And you use this principle to hide skin discoloration.

Like if you have redness (say, due to acne), you apply a green corrector over it! If you have dark circles (dark circles are generally bluish, because of the underlying veins), you use an orange corrector over it. If you have sallow, dull skin (yellowish), use a lavender corrector (comes from the purple category).

To sum up:

Concern                                Corrector

Redness                                   Green

Dark circles (blue)                  Orange

Dull skin (yellow)                   Lavender

Should one always use a color corrector?

I say, no! Depends on how perfect a base you want, or the occasion you are getting ready for. If you re to attend a party, I’d recommend you use a corrector based on your skin’s requirements. You’ll get better pictures for sure! For bridal make-up, you cannot afford to miss out on color correctors.

What’s the correct sequence of applying make-up products when using color correctors?

Ideally, correctors have to be applied after primer and before the concealer (matching your skin tone). So you first neutralise discoloration, and then apply a concealer matching your skin.

Some color correctors available in the Indian market:

color correctors makeup

1. Green color correctors:

  •  Inglot cream concealer number 36 (Rs. 590)- I personally use this and highly recommend it 😀
  • Oriflame Tea-Tree correcting stick (has a peach/ orange part too)- Not sure if it is still available 😛

2. Orange color corrector:

  • Kryolan DW1 concealer (tub)- Most affordable option here at Rs. 350
  • Kryolan Brush-On concealer 06- Rs. 400- Easy to use!
  • Clinique Even Better Concealer- Orange Brightener (Rs. 1600)
  • Bobbi Brown ‘Peach’ color corrector- One cult product! Costs around Rs. 1500- 1800 in India. Available at the Bobbi Brown store, Delhi.
kryolan dw1 orange corrector
Kryolan DW1 concealer

3. Color correcting palettes:

mufe color corrector palette

  • Make Up For Ever (MUFE) 5 Camouflage crème palette (approx. Rs. 2500 in India, available at Sephora, Delhi)
  • Sephora Color Correcting Palette (Rs. 1000, available at Sephora-Delhi)- has 4 shades of correctors in a single palette

sephora color corrector palette

You can use color correcting primers too, but I’d advise you to invest in a color corrector concealer product instead.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions/ feedback, please let me know in the comments below 🙂

Image: color wheel

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  1. hEy DI .. POsT iS rEaLlY uSeFuL bT eM sO cOnFuSeD .. i DNt KNw WOt 2 DO… UH sAiD aCcOrDnG tO oCaSsIoN wE hAvE tO uSe THEsE pROdUcTs .. BT eM cOlG gOnG gAl ND mY pRObLm Is MY dArk CiRcLeS .. DUrNg COlG Tym I CAnT wEaR lYk SuCh MAkE Up so WOt SHoUlD i DO _____ 🙁

    1. if you’re comfortable using a corrector everyday, go ahead… I do that too… just that often girls find it to be an additional step 😛 you can ofcourse wear as much make-up as you want to college..just keep things subtle and not loud 🙂

    1. thanks Ashwitha 🙂 glad you liked the post 🙂 I have a feeling that Clinique is better, though I just started using it this week.. will review in detail soon 🙂

  2. I have lots of dark circle with medium yelow skin tone…so suggest me a good corrector…mac studio finish ornage corrector will suit on me?

  3. Hi Ritu
    As you mentioned that we need to use the colour corrector after the primer and before the concealor.. I wanted to know.. according to your earlier post you said after primer comes foundation and the concealer… and here you are saying primer – corrector – concealer.. its a little confusing for the patter we need to adhere to. kindly reply. thanks

    1. Hi Sapna.. some people do not use correctors.. in that case, it would be primer-foundation-concealer…
      if you do use a corrector, it should be primer- corrector- foundation, concealer….
      hope this helps 🙂

  4. There are a lot of other color correctors now available in India. NYX, LA girl, Freedom are available online at Nykaa, amazon etc.

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