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On Thursday, 12th September 2013, I got to attend the Bobbi Brown Masterclass, conducted by none other then Eduardo Ferreira and Eliano Bou Assi from Bobbi Brown. These elite makeup artists are the right-hand of Bobbi brown herself, and it was fun attending the session delivered by them first-hand.


Left: Eduardo Ferreira; Right- Eliano Bou Assi

Below are some pointers from theΒ Bobbi Brown Makeup Masterclass for face make-up from Eduardo Ferreira:

bobbi brown masterclass

1. Moisturise moisturise moisturise! Soft supple skin is the key to having a good base! Makes the foundation look good!

2. Test a few shades of foundation on your cheeks, jaw-line and forehead to determine the exact match.. This is very important for the Indian skin tone, since we tend to have a darker forehead and jaw as compared to the cheeks. The shade which you cannot see on the skin is your best match.

3. Color correct: For dark circles, use a peach colored skin corrector.Apply the corrector using a concealer brush, and then blend it into the skin using the tips of your ring finger.

4. Concealer is the secret of the universe! Use a creamy concealer on the under eyes after the color corrector. Blend with the tip of your finger, and set with a silky powder.

5. Apply foundation only where required to avoid looking cakey πŸ˜›

bobbi brown masterclass
Get yourself matched to the right shade!
PS: All Bobbi Brown foundations/ concealers/ powders are yellow-based! Good news for the Indian skin!

bobbi brown masterclass

After the base make-up is done, gently dab a sponge on the skin to take off any excess product.

After the base make-up demo, Eliano Bou Assi demonstrated a 2 minute smokey eye look.. What you essentially have to do is:

bobbi brown masterclass

1. Apply a base/ primer to the lids. You can also use a colored creamy base depending on the color of the eyeshadow you’re going to wear.

2. Apply a thick line of gel eyeliner (preferably black) on the upper lash line using an eyeliner brush. Need not be a perfect, neat line.

3. Quickly blend/ smudge the eyeliner upwards using an eyeshadow blending brush to soften the eyeliner. Blend some towards the outer corners of the lid too. You need to work quickly, before the gel eyeliner sets.

4. If need be, apply an eyeshadow (if you have not applied a colored base already) lightly on top.

5. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

6. Fill the brows if need be.

If you want to intensify the look further, you can apply liner to the lower lash line too… Remember to connect the upper and lower lash lines with the gel eyeliner at the outer corner of the eyes.

bobbi brown masterclass

The model before and after make-up. She is a Bobbi Brown MUA herself at the Delhi store.

So ladies and ladies! Were those tips helpful? I’ll share more Bobbi Brown posts with you soon!

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