Faces nail enamels- Diamond Frost (Hi- Shine) and Fire Stick (Matte)

faces nail paints

Hey everyone!

Faces Canada have launched new shades in two of their nail paints categories- Matte (neon) and Hi-Shine. I’ve got one nail paint from each of these ranges to show you guys today. Have a look at two new Faces nail enamels!

Faces Hi- Shine nail paint- Diamond Frost

A high-frost nail paint, generally a clearish base with lots of shimmer.. You get a good load of shimmer in one coat, and opaque nails in two.. Dries up fast and you can apply two coats in a span of 2 minutes.. Like all shimmery paints, this one too is a little difficult to remove πŸ˜›

Price: Rs. 199 for 9mL

faces hi shine nail paint diamond frost

faces hi shine nail paint diamond frost

Β Faces Matte Neon nail paint- Fire Stick

Fire Stick is a bright neon orange shade, which dries to a matte finish, as per the name. Best worn in two coats for opaque coverage.

Price: Rs. 229 for 9mL

faces matte nail paint fire stick

faces matte nail paint fire stick

Β Nail-art with the two shades

I liked the contrast between the two shades: neon vs. n*de, matte vs. shimmer, subtle vs. bold! So I paired them up together to create an on-trend nail art, trendy yet not-too-loud!

I highlighted the accent nail with the ‘Fire Stick’ while keeping the other nails shimmery n*de with Diamond Frost.

faces nail paints neon nail art neon nail art

I also tried applying Diamond Frost in a rough coat over Fire Stick- looked like crackle nail paint πŸ˜€

neon nail art

So how did you like these new Faces nail enamels? I will update this post with the staying power and wear of these paints sometime next week πŸ™‚

Disclaimer- PR samples

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    1. haha… that’s just rolling the brush over the nail while it was almost dry… I was surprised with the outcome πŸ˜›
      thanks πŸ™‚

    1. haha… basically i just squeezed out all the nail paint from the Diamond wala brush and ‘tried’ to apply paint on the nail… it turned out to be that way πŸ˜›

  1. be it nails or lips, u carry orange-ish shades so well! I check ur nail paint posts just to see ur nails.. they look so elegant ritu! πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh I just bought the metallic one too… it looks beautiful…

    In nail paints, my favourite is colorama… it lasts forever, is easy to apply (not clumpy or thick), dries quickly, and comes in the most beautiful shades….

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