20 fun and easy makeup brush storage ideas

makeup brush storage (2)

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I was sorting stuff in my cupboard and shelves, and realized the need to prettify brush storage for the dresser. I use make-up brushes daily, so it is important to keep some of them on the dresser at all times, so as to save time searching for them. Below are some makeup brush storage ideas- some of these are the way I store brushes, and some ideas I’ve taken off the internet.

To begin with, that’s my brush collection in the below pic. I have some 35 brushes with me as of today 🙂

makeup brush storage

And this is how I store my brushes (I keep changing containers depending on my mood 😛 )

makeup brush storage (2)

1. In the Sigma brush holder(s) which are a part of the Sigma Mr. Bunny kit– The carry case splits into two brush holders. These are made of leather, and look very sophisticated on the table.makeup brush storage (3) 2/3/4: Any random drinks-glass; a pencil-stand made of ‘Serpentinite Stone’ which I bought from Dilli Haat for ~Rs. 150; a whisky glass 😛brush_storage

5. Coffee mugs, tea cups: Pick up just about any coffee mug, and keep it on the table!

makeup brush storage (4)
6. Coffee mugs remind me- You can use a transparent holder, and fill it with whole coffee beans– it cannot get better than this for a coffee addict, seriously! Aroma therapy for a coffee-addict cannot get better than this!

coffee brush stand

7. Metallic: Shiny metallic holders are found in every Indian household. Just pick up one of them, and there you go! You can even use different glasses for different kinds of brushes

steel brush storage

8. Wine glass: A simple brush-holder, and elegant too. Any large wine glass would do..

makeup brush storage ideas

9. Decorative kettles: Adds a bit of vintage charm to the dresser

brush storage ideas

10. Decorative holders in quirky shapes like buckets: You can get similar stuff at shops selling gardening stuff 🙂

brush storage

11. DIY tin-can holder: This is quite an interesting DIY project- Take a large can, and a few smaller cans n different sizes and paint them the way you want. Stick them all together using Feviquick. Done! [If you know how to drill holes and stuff like that, you can do that too, as in the pics 🙂 ]

brush storage cans

12. DIY beaded brush holder: Another simple DIY project- Pick up any brush holder, and stick-on some beads and pearls onto it, with the help of an adhesive. Customise the way you want!

decorative brush storage

13. Animal print: If you are the adventurous kinds, try animal printed stuff to customise your brush holders. Use ribbons, wrapping paper, pieces of cloth etc. to get the look as per your wish 🙂

brush storage idea

14. Brush holder with rhinestones: You easily get strips with rhinestone stickers in the market these days, at any stationery shop. Buy rhinestones in your favourite colors, and use a simple glass/jar as your canvas. Decorate the way you want it!


15. Full-on glitter: If you are a glitter-girl, try this:- mix glitter+ glue (the transparent kinds) and apply two coats on a clear jar with the help of a paint brush. Let it dry, then apply a thin coat of clear varnish if you have it 😛 and there you go, you have your own glitter brush holders ready. Use your favourite colors, or a mix of a few colors, and customise. Add bows to up the prettiness quotient.


16. Mason jars: Mason jars, or any large glass jars, can be used for brush storage- the classic way to store brushes. Again, use bows and ribbons to customise 🙂


mason jar brush storage

17. Holders with a name-plate: Write your name on the brush holders (useful if you share your room with your sister or a room-mate, sharing make-up brushes is not a good idea), or keep face and eye brushes in separate holders, and write the same on the holders.brush storage makeup

18. Brush-roll: You can make your own cute little brush rolls with your favourite printed fabric/ scraps, if you know basic stitching, that is.. or ask your mom to do it for you. This comes in handy for travel too 🙂 Makeup Wrap

19.  In a box: If you live in a windy area with a lot of dust flying around, or if you don’t use brushes daily, a better thing to do is to keep the brushes safely tucked in pretty boxes. brush box

20. Offbeat: I don’t really know if we’d ever find something like this anywhere, but while searching for some quirky brush storage ideas, I came across this, and quite liked it 😛 It is basically a large shoe-brush 😛

brush stand

I hope you liked the whole compilation. How do you store your make-up brushes? Liked any of the above? Do share in the comments below 🙂

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  1. wow gave me some new ideas..right now I store them as showed in 19, because its too dusty for the brushes to be kept in the open. I do keep the extra /unused ones in a brush roll. Loved the post.

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