QVS Brow and Lash Groomer: Review

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Today i’m reviewing a brow and lash groomer from QVS (Quality-Value-Style). Read on to know my take on it.


About QVS Brow and Lash groomer: When it comes to applying make-up, using the right tools makes an enormous difference for ease of application, maximum control and perfecting a flawless finish. Our brow and lash groomer is a brush and comb in one, it is simple to use and will effectively smooth eyebrows and separate lashes.

Price: Rs. 155

qvs_brow_groomer-2 qvs_brow_groomer-3 qvs_brow_groomer

Packaging: The QVS Brow and Lash groomer comes packed in a simple plastic pouch. The brush has a small handle, approx. 5 inches in length, and is a matte black in color. The brush-head is a dual-ended one- it has a lash comb on one side and a brow-brush on the other side.

qvs_brow_groomer-5 qvs_brow_groomer-4

My take on QVS Brow and Lash groomer: The QVS Brow and Lash groomer is a twin-headed brush- the lash comb is made of plastic, and has a curved end. Helps separate lashes easily in 1-2 strokes, but I wish the bristles were more closely packed 😛 The brow-brush end is dense, and the bristles are made of very hard plastic 😛 Can be a little scratchy. But it does help in taming the brow-hair properly. The brush is easy to clean too, and dries up pretty quickly. The quality could be so much more better 😛

The brush is easily available at New-U stores, though I haven’t seen this brand around much, so I don’t know about the availability.

Pros of QVS Brow and Lash groomer:

  • Two-in-one brush
  • Does it’s job well
  • Affordable

Cons of QVS Brow and Lash groomer:

  • Quality could be better, but what else at this price? 😛
  • Availability??

Verdict: The QVS Brow and Lash groomer is an affordable brow and lash groomer, though the quality leaves much to be desired. Does it’s job fine, though.

Rating: 6.5/10

Have you tried the QVS Brow and Lash groomer? Do you know of any other brow-and-lash groomers? Do share in the comments below 🙂

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