Your take on ‘tipping in salons’?

Hey everyone!

I have a very important question to ask from you guys today, and I would really want you all to pitch in your comments below.

tipping in salons

The other day, I was offered a hair-treatment at a reputed salon by a reputed hair-care brand (more details to follow soon). I normally do leave a tip for the hair-dresses when I’m paying for the hair service. If my experience at a salon has been really bad, I don’t (coz they are anyways charging us all those taxes and service charges and blah blah blahs!). But 99% of the times, I do leave behind a tip for the hair dresser. I must mention here that I don’t go to a fixed hair salon and hair dresser every time. Very moody with such things. But the point was- since the service was complementary, how much tip should I have left? My usual, or more than that? {I normally tip about 10% of the bill, but never less than 100 bucks}.

What is your take on tipping in salons? How much (percentage wise) do you tip? And what if the service was bad? What about complementary services? Do share in the comments below πŸ™‚

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  1. I don’t tip,call me miser but I think the services offered never make me feel they are at par with the prices charged..
    Though my parlour girl who is same for the past 4 years does gets benefited from me in cash or kind,but then her prices don’t include taxes remember!!!!
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    1. lol.. that’s not being a miser πŸ˜›
      and this reminds me, I never offer a tip to the one who does my waxing, threading,etc.. LOL! πŸ˜›

  2. The taxes are already included. the same is the case with restaurants. Still, I tip when I love the service. But, I feel salons and parlors are more of a personal place. The services are not timed always and the person always have their own way of doing things. So, if you go to the same place and tip properly, you will definitely get a better service – more time and attention. Things start getting biased very easily here. Also, it depends if I have to make them work a little bit harder for something. For example, for waxing, I have very thin hair which have a different way to pull out but the girls use the normal method. I finally found a girl who was ready to listen to me and happy to learn the new method. (I always go to her and tip help around 50 because waxing costs 150-200 in total!) The same goes with hair cuts etc but it is majorly when they I like the whole thing and they actually listen to me. Otherwise, I directly tell them – you are horrible and I am not coming back again. haha
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    1. I totally agree with the ‘services getting better if you tip’ factor! like, when we go to a hotel.. if you tip the room service person who will cater to you in advance, they serve you really well! struck me now, haha!

  3. Service tax goes to the government. It has no relevance to the stylist or the salon (only if the salon s not registered under the Act). But i have heard that they do get commission from the salon based on the price of the service rendered by them. Usually a small %. That said, I don’t care of how much tax or charge the salon is asking us to pay. If I am happy, I pay the stylist. Minimum is INR. 100/- and if the hair spa or facial is extremely soothing, i may add INR. 50/- or 100 more depending on the quality. I have paid tips for a wonderful eyebrow threading job once too πŸ˜€ I get generous when i am happy.

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