How NOT to makeup- Part 11

Hellooo everyone!

Today, a very disheartening post on how NOT to makeup! I came across all these pictures of Angelina Jolie on Marie Claire-UK website, and even though there’s nothing new I have to say from what has already been written there, I really just had to share these pics here, just in case any of you missed these!


angelina-jolie-makeup-mistake- angelina-jolie-powder-makeup

That’s a tonne of white translucent powder that was supposedly used to set the makeup. Make Up ForEver HD Powder is a world-renowned culprit πŸ˜› .

In the below pic, also don’t miss the translucent white powder on the shin (legs). πŸ™


In general, avoid makeup with SPF, and avoid white powders for setting the makeup. That’s all I have to say, after having said this a million times already in similar posts.

Your take? Do share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All images c/o Marie Claire UK website. This blog does not own, or claim to own, any of the above images.

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