My experience with gel nails: Pros and Cons

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram and other social media must already be knowing that I got gel nail polish done about 1 month back. Read on to know my experience with gel nails, the pros and cons and whether I would get them again or not!

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So I got french gel nail polish done around 4 weeks back. These are gel-polished nails, like you apply regular polish. These are not gel extensions, and no fillers have been used to elongate the nails or anything. Yes, my real nails. Some of you can be jealous πŸ˜›

Gel nails: The process
  • My nails were filed into the desired shape and slightly buffed with a nail buffer- this takes off the top layer from the nails. Hence, the nails get weaker than usual. I have pretty strong nails, but those with brittle nails already may need to consider things here itself.
  • Then the nails were wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove all traces of creams, or anything that would make the surface of the nails slippery. Alcohols strips the skin and nails of all moisture, preparing the base for the nail products that will come next.
  • Next, a clear gel base coat is applied and the nails are to be kept under UV light box for about 30 seconds or so for the UV light to fix up the polish
  • Next, a flesh-toned gel nail paint is applied- 2 coats. Same UV box procedure after each coat.
  • I got french manicure done, so additional 2 coats of white polish on the tips. If you get colored polish done, these steps would be eliminated.
  • Finally, a gel top coat is applied and UV-box-thingie again πŸ˜›
  • Nails are wiped clean. Everything has set by now!

The entire procedure is done within around 10-15 minutes.

Gel nails: The pros
  • The polish sets quickly, so once the procedure is done, you can straight off go to a wedding without the fear of anything smudging. No waiting time.
  • The polish does not budge till it is removed with a remover meant for the gel polish. (Also a con, check below).
  • You can get any color applied. Since this polish stays for a long time, I chose french polish/ tips coz I can never get bored of french nails. Choose wisely.
  • Once the nails are done, you can apply any other regular polish on top too, and remove it with regular remover. The color beneath might affect the shade, hence, yes, choose your base color carefully πŸ™‚
  • When your nails grow out, sometimes you need to file from the sides. Easy!
  • The gel polish does not get scratched
  • Does not fade from the tips like regular polish. Your nails will always look like they have just been manicured.
Gel nails: The cons
  • French tips get stained with Indian food! 2 days after the manicure, I made besan-ke-pakore, the batter had turmeric, and to my horror, the right hand’s nails turned yellow. Thankfully, the stain washed off with hot water (serendipity: hot-water finger bowl at a food event led to this discovery).
  • The gel polish does not get removed with regular remover. BIG con! You need to go back to your salon to get it removed. So pick a nearby salon πŸ˜›
  • Once the nails start growing, things look not-so-pretty. The manicured part moves forward, and the actual nail growing out looks totally different. (See below pic with arrows).
  • Now, since the nail is growing out, there’s a difference in the level of actual nail and gel-polished nail.
  • If you get it removed, you need to give your nails a break of 1-2 months before you get it done again, or till your nails have grown out completely (since the nail underneath has already been buffed- can’t buff it again).
gel nails pros and cons
Gel nails after 1 month πŸ™

Would I get gel-polish done again? Maybe not! It weakens the nails, and once nails grow out, it’s not such a pretty sight. Might consider it around my wedding, but that’s it. Not sure. Worth getting it done once, but not repeatedly.

Now, I don’t wanna demotivate you. It’s all worth the effort if you get it done once or twice, maybe around some important event. Wouldn’t recommend you to get it done repeatedly, simply because it is not good for the health of your nails in general. πŸ™‚

PS: I got mine done at Korum Salon, Delhi. Their charges for this service are around Rs. 800. Prices vary from salon to salon. This post, however, does not reflect on their services, but my experience with gel nails in general.

So that’s that ladies! Have you got gel nails done yet? Your experience? Do share πŸ™‚


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