Being Juliet- Periods Subscription service in India: Review, price

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Looks like subscription services are the latest trend in India. These have been around in other countries for some time now, but India is now fast picking up this trend. After beauty and jewelry subscriptions, we now have a periods subscription service- Being Juliet– on offer and here’s what I think about this new entrant in the subscription service industry!

being juliet period subscription review


Basically, Being Juliet sends you your monthly periods’ suppliesΒ (like pads, panty liners, etc) and some carefully selected gifts that help you during ‘that time of the month’. So you just go to their site, select upto 20 products that you regularly use (pads, tampons, panty liners- you can pick any or all types- totally customisable), tell them your last period date and duration of your cycle, and leave the rest to them. Every month, 5 days before your expected date, your supplies will reach your doorstep. Along with your selected products, the box will also come with some surprise goodies that help relieve pain and overall make you feel better during what may be crappy days!

being juliet


In my box this month, I got the following things:

being juliet period subscription price details

That’s what my box looks like.. I liked it the moment I opened it up!

being juliet period subscription reviews

There’s my ‘essential stock’ of pads, panty liners and tampons.. You can select different brands and different sub-categories from each brand, depending on a basic idea you may have from your regular usage. Ideally select a bunch of different products that you generally use. Personally, I use different products on different days of my period- panty liners during PMS, tampons for heavy flow, pads for night time, etc. So I selected Stayfree Dry Max (8), Stayfree Advanced (5), Ria Panty Liners (3) and OB Regular Tampons (4). This should see me through one cycle easily πŸ™‚

One must note here that product selection is totally upto you- you could select 20 pads, or 20 tampons.. Some of us don’t use tampons at all, so this is just to tell you that you can totally skip selecting tampons when you select your products.

All the products came labelled and neatly packed.

being juliet period subscription contents

Moving on, the box also had some mood lifters and pain relievers like scented pot pourri (you could keep these at your desk for a nice fragrance around you- you know what I mean πŸ˜› ) and a scarf (this being the January box) to keep you warm.. The pain relievers of the month (so I’m guessing it’ll be different each month) are Ajwain (carom seeds) which is known to relieve cramps and flavored green tea (2 sachets) which helps reduce bloating.. Very thoughtful indeed..

being juliet period subscription being juliet period subscription review india

My most favorite part were the sanitation essentialsPee Buddy (India’s first urination device which helps females stand and pee in public washrooms) and a toilet seat sanitizer. I anyways always carry one in my bag, so I’m happy to have a new refill…

Some more gifts.. They also sent a pack of rose mist and Lacto Calamine– if you break out around your period, this is going to soothe the skin. Again, very thoughtful.. πŸ™‚

being juliet period subscription price review

The only thing I didn’t like much was that the contents of the box were printed on the invoice (on the box) as is 😐 I really would have loved some discreet packaging for such a ‘personal’ service that they are offering..

Overall, I am quite impressed with this new subscription service. Definitely recommended! Save yourself some last minute hassle of running to the chemist, and subscribe to Being Juliet. And boys, if you hate seeing your partner in a crappy mood around her period, or you are being made to run to the chemist at 11 pm :P, you know how helpful this is going to be!

Pricing: The subscription is currently available for 3 months (Rs. 1650), 6 months (Rs. 3300) and 1 year (Rs. 6600). Comes down to around Rs. 550 per month.

You may subscribe to Being Juliet here.

Do let us know in the comments if you have tried this service already, and how you liked it πŸ™‚

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