Spinz Sun Tan Remover- Review + Demo

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If you have been following me on social media regularly, you must have seen a lot of travel related updates of late. And while I love travelling to the core, I always end up with a pesky tan! And even though I don’t aspire for ‘fair’ skin, I definitely don’t like additional tan, like most of us Indian girls! In my quest for tan removal remedies, I recently came across the new Spinz Sun Tan remover… Here’s my take on the product, along with a video :D.

spinz sun tan remover review

About Spinz Sun Tan Remover: A no-bleach sun tan remover with lemon, milk and honey as the key ingredients, it claims to ‘remove’ sun tan! #SpinzBanTheTan

Price: Rs. 10 for single use sachets, Rs. 89 for 50g. Available at most chemist and retail stores.

Ingredients: In the image below 🙂

spinz sun tan remover reviews

My take on Spinz Sun Tan remover: Well, I’ll be honest as always – this stuff works! The very first time I used it, I could see the results on me, with a definite glow on the skin and reduction in superficial, fresh tan! It is easy to use – just apply it like a regular mask onto the face and neck (can be used on only tanned areas), massage a little bit, and wash off after 5-10 minutes. It leaves the skin de-tanned, glowing and feeling fresh. The creamy mask leaves a soft but matte finish on the skin. The skin does feel a little tingly while the product is working it’s magic, but totally bearable. It is best to use it in the evenings, post sun-exposure, and since it is a no-bleach formulation, it can be used as frequently as you desire. I have used it thrice in the last week itself, and it works like a charm!

Best for those of us who travel a lot or are exposed to the sun due to work commitments. It is also very reasonably priced, so it fits the pocket-money bills of college going girls too!

Do check out my video below:

Also, below is the TVC from the brand 🙂

Verdict: If you are looking for an effective solution for tan removal, the Spinz Sun Tan remover is definitely something you’d like. Do give it a try!

Have you tried the Spinz Sun Tan remover yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below J

*Disclaimer: This post/ video were brought to you in collaboration with ‘Spinz’.

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