Kama Ayurveda Tulsi soap: Review

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Tulsi or basil is something that is a part and parcel of Indian daily life. From offering our prayers to the plant (yes, Tulsi is a Goddess that we worship) to adding it to our everyday tea to make a ‘kadak chai’ to making concoctions with it for cough and cold, and adding basil to our food (the Italian variant), we do it all! I remember my Grandmother adding Tulsi leaves to her bathwater during winters, since she gets dry, itchy skin in the drier months, and Tulsi keeps away from such things, owing to it’s anti-bacterial properties. Read on to know my take on the new Kama Ayurveda Tulsi soap that was launched recently.

Price: Rs. 450 for a 120g soap bar. Available at Kama Ayurveda stores and online

kama ayurveda tulsi soap

kama ayurveda tulsi soap

About Kama Ayurveda Tulsi soap: All product details below

Packaging: The soap comes packed in this simple cardboard packaging with all product info mentioned on it.

Ingredients: Mentioned below

kama ayurveda tulsi soap

kama ayurveda tulsi soap
Kama Ayurveda ‘Tulsi’ soap- Ingredients

My take on the new Kama Ayurveda Tulsi soap: The soap is a heavy bar, deep brown in color, with a greenish tint if you hold it up against a source of light. It smells of the sweet basil that is commonly seen in Indian households quite prominently, and that’s the fragrance that emanates from your skin too, post-usage. The soap is easy to use, and lathers moderately. Washes off well, leaving the skin squeaky clean, and smelling fresh. While I do not have any major skin concerns at the moment, I’m guessing this would be helpful for those with minor skin ailments like rashes etc., since Tulsi has many skin-friendly properties.

I love how my skin smells so very Holy, so very ‘Indian’ from the basil, if you know what I mean… A very different soap, I must say, in terms of the fragrance profile. Have never used anything like this earlier, so I am quite enjoying this at the moment. Feels good! 😀

kama ayurveda tulsi soap

Verdict: Totally give this a try if you love different, earthy fragrances and hand-made, skin-friendly products. 🙂

Rating: 9/ 10

Have you tried the new Kama Ayurveda Tulsi soap? Do share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

PS: I have a few more Kama Ayurveda reviews coming up soon!

kama ayurveda new products

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