Tattva Spa at Four Points by Sheraton, Agra: Review

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Of all beauty and wellness related things in my life, the one ritual that I am very fond of, and follow religiously (because I’m fond of it), is my spa routine. I may skip the facial and pedicure, but the monthly visit to the spa is something I look forward to eagerly. Add to it my travel and holidaying routine now- the combination just gets too hard to resist.

So on my latest trip to Agra this month, I visited the Tattva spa at Four Points by Sheraton, where we also stayed during the trip. I have already visited one of the spas from the Tattva chain of spas atย Nahargarh, so I was more than happy to pay them a visit at Agra too. Read on to know my experience!

tattva spa four points by sheraton agra


The spa, which opened itโ€™s doors to guests in January this year, is located on the top/ terrace floor of the hotel, right beside the terrace pool. The decor is very modern and minimalistic, in keeping with the theme of the hotel. I loved how the Tattva team has taken care to adapt the aesthetics to those of the hotel at every location, to give the guests a complete experience during their stay.

Tattva Spa at Four Points by Sheraton, Agra has a welcome/ pre-treatment area where you are welcome to the spa with a warm foot bath that had been soaking in fresh rose petals. A warm foot bath instantly puts you in the relaxation zone, and you also get mentally prepared for the therapies next.

tattva spa four points by sheraton agra
Welcome lounge

The spa has a total of 4 therapy rooms- three massage rooms and one couples foot refloxology lounge. One of the best things about the Tattva Spa at Four Points by Sheraton, Agra is the Taj-view from two of the rooms- the foot massage room and a therapy room offer you a full-blown view of the Taj in the background. Having the Taj right in front of you while you are getting the massage done is a one-of-a-kind experience. Trust me guys, you have to experience this for yourself to know how surreal the whole experience was!

tattva spa four points by sheraton agra
Couple’s foot refloxology lounge

Anyhoo, coming to the therapies- we tried the foot massage on one of the days, and totally loved it! Tattva therapists have been trained really well in their in-house spa protocols, and you can gauge the same within a few minutes into your session. Each time I’ve taken a session at Tattva spas, I’ve noticed that they use some signature moves along with some new moves during the sessions, which for me is a big plus, being an ardent spa-goer. The foot massages this time too were very relaxing with the use of their in-house oil blends, and a must-try if you are a frequent traveller or just generally tired, but are pressed for time to take a full body massage. A foot massage is the quickest way of relaxation, in my opinion.

tattva spa four points by sheraton agra
The Taj view! ๐Ÿ™‚

tattva spa four points by sheraton agra

On another day, we tried the full body massage routines, after a 3 hour trip to the Taj during the morning heat. It was a very physically tiring experience to walk around the Taj in the August-weather here, which is very hot and humid. We were literally exhausted after the trip, so we decided to go in for another round of the spa, taking our holiday experience to the next level! And once again the therapists did an excellent job, with the in-house oil blends and signature moves, they ensured we were relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session, and not an iota of tiredness was left in our body, working on all the pain-points carefully. Add to it, the joy of the view of the Taj!

Our sessions wrapped up with a warm shower (each therapy room has attached shower and steam cubicle), followed by a cup of warm green tea to further help detoxification.

Overall, I would highly recommend you to visit the Tattva Spa at Four Points by Sheraton, Agra if you travel to Agra, or even if you stay in Agra and are looking for a day-spa to relax and rejuvenate.

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