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It is getting super old here in Delhi these days, with December beginning with this winter’s first spell of rain too. The days are slightly dull and gloomy here since a few days, and all our woollens are now out of hibernation! Well, winters also bring along dry skin for all of us, no exceptions. Whatever your skin type be, you do experience dry skin to some extent.

This season, take a break from harsh chemicals and go natural with Medimix with their new glycerine soap, and prevent skin dryness altogether. I give you 5 reasons on why you should switch to Medimix!

medimix natural glycerine soap review1. The soap contains a unique combination of the purest and finest grade vegetable glycerin and the time tested Ayurvedic formula of Lakshadi oil to effectively prevent dry skin.

2. Gycerine leaves the skin soft and smooth after the bath, without any traces of dryness, unlike with regular soaps. This is especially helpful for winters and for those with very dry skin. The skin retains it’s natural moisture even after the shower.

medimix natural glycerine soap review
List of ingredients

3. The soap has many other skin-friendly ingredients such as Asvagandha (helps in skin healing), Deadaru (anti inflammatory), etc. which help soothe the skin.

4. Using something as nourishing as the Medimix glycerine soap will ensure your skin does not get excessively dry in the first place. Which also means less itchiness on the skin, and lesser need of slathering heavy creams and lotions frequently during the day during very harsh winters.

5. The soap has a very soothing natural fragrance. So there’s a bonus of aromatherapy along with skincare. I personally prefer skincare products with soothing natural fragrances too, since I have a pretty sensitive nose.

The soap is very affordably priced at Rs. 45 for 125g. You also get some interesting offers online (like buy 4 get 1 free). Check here on Flipkart.

So this season, if you are suffering from dry skin, go natural with Medimix Glycerine Soap!

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  1. Have been using this like since forever. No skin problems ever. Clears any signs of pimples at the bud. Highly recommended. Please give it a try.

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