Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub: Review

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In my quest for soft smooth skin this winters, I’ve been trying out quite a few products, and have come to love some of them. One of the most prominent ones this season was the Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub. I haven’t tried anything quite like it, so read on to know more about this product 🙂

gravitale kookkal grape scrub review

About Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub: Artisanally produced from kookkal topical grade grapes harvested from high altitude vineyards in the Nilgiri mountains. Kookkal topical grade grapes are rich in polyphenols, alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants. A first of its kind, revolutionary new product to stimulate and improve skin metabolism, completely free of parabens and sulphates. Not animal tested.

gravitale kookkal grape scrub review gravitale kookkal grape scrub review

Price: Rs. 2000. Discounted at Purplle (

Packaging: Comes in a simple tub packaging, which I think is ideal keeping the product consistency in mind.


gravitale kookkal grape scrub review

My take on Gravitale Kookkal Grape Scrub: Like I already said, this is one of the most unique products that I’ve tried. Yes, it is a scrub, but the smoothest one ever! A scrub without any scrubbing granules or harsh particles was a first for me. This one actually has grape peel as the main scrubbing agent in the gel-like product. The grapes used in here are grown specially for use in skincare products by the brand in their vineyards in the Nilgiris.

To get the product to work, you have to apply the product to wet skin and leave it for about 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes, the product works it’s magic on the skin, and thereafter, I like to lightly massage the product into the skin and wash off. The result always is smooth and supple skin. No kidding! And since there are no actual scrubbing particles, the product is good to be used by the most sensitive and dry of skins.

The product is also free from any sulfates, parabens, petroleum derivatives and animal origin ingredients.

gravitale kookkal grape scrub review gravitale kookkal grape scrub review

Verdict: I’d highly recommend you to try out this interesting and effective new product.

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