Tingez Green Tea face wash: Review

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Ever tried any DIY hacks for your skin which get you to use green tea? Green tea not only cleanses and detoxifies the body from the inside when consumed, but also helps clear the skin when applied from the outside. But in our kinda lives, who has the time for DIY these days, right? Well, what if I told you you could use green tea  for your skin without compromising on the quality? Read on for my review on the Tingez (pronounced as Tin-jezz) Green Tea face wash.

Price: Rs. 349. Available on discount on Purplle

kookkal tingez green tea face wash review

About Tingez Green Tea face wash: Tingez is an exceptional brand family of skin care & well being products made using Kookkal Topical Grade™ green tea powder, rich in Catechins, and exclusive to our formulations. The Tingez range is specially designed to mitigate the harmful effects of environmental exposure such as sunlight, pollution, toxins etc and arrest the decline of optimum skin functioning.

Packaging: Comes in a simple white squeezy tube with a flip-top cap. Quite travel friendly too.

kookkal tingez green tea face wash review

Ingredients: Mentioned below.

Does not contain any sulfates, parabens, petroleum derivatives and animal origin ingredients.

kookkal tingez green tea face wash review

My take on Tingez Green Tea face wash: The face wash is a runny gel like product with a light brownish color to it. The texture is quite smooth, and the product lathers up well with some water. It also has a faint green tea fragrance to it, which is quite calming for the senses.

About the efficacy, I do like how the face wash leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, and does not dry out my skin at all since it has a gel-like texture and is soap free. For the same reasons, I’m sure it will suit those with dry skin too. I haven’t had any break-outs too with this product.

They use green tea sourced from the Nilgiri mountains, which means the green tea used in this product is of top notch quality. Below are some benefits of the product from a scientific angle:

tingez green tea face wash

And below is the product swatch:

kookkal tingez green tea face wash review

Overall, it is great product to try, whatever be your skin type since it is quite mild and is free of harmful chemicals.

I’ve tried 2 products from the brand and have been quite happy with these new discoveries! Check out my review on the Gravitale Kookkal grape scrub too!

Have you tried the Tingez green tea face wash? Do share your feedback in the comments below.

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