Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash- Review

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The weather here in Delhi is all sticky right now, and the first signs of the weather appear on my face, in my case. Blessed with the oiliest of skin, come monsoons, and I’m ready to put my oiliest shiniest face forward! Add to it my hectic travel schedule these days, and you can only imagine how difficult it gets to tackle such oily skin in this weather. Gel based products are my best bet during this time of the year. I recently discovered the new Medimix Ayurvedic face wash. Keep reading for the deets!

medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog

About Medimix Ayurvedic face wash: Medimix Ayurvedic Face wash is a one stop solution for pimple free, fairer, beautiful and glowing skin. The unique blend of Turmeric, Aloe Vera & Neem gently cleanses your skin, leaving it free of all impurities. The divine herb Lodhra acts as a healing agent, Manjishtha and Kushtha improves your skin texture. It also retains the natural balance of your skin, keeping it refreshed.

Price: Available on Amazon- Rs. 60 for 50mL, Rs. 100 for 100mL (whoa!).

Packaging: Comes in an easy to carry flip-top tube packaging. The slim tube easily fits in handbags too!

medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog

Ingredients: mentioned below

medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog

My take on Medimix Ayurvedic face wash: I’ve been carrying this one around in my tote of late. I have also been avoiding wearing base makeup, at least during the day time, and just go out with some lipstick on me. This way, it is easier for me to take out this face wash from the bag whenever my skin is craving some splashes of water, and wash my face. The Medimix Ayurvedic face wash has a gel-like consistency, a slight greenish tint and a fresh, mild fragrance. It cleanses the skin effectively, without stripping it of oil and without leaving any reside behind. Over time, I’ve seen some action on the acne also, though my skin is behaving a lot these days.

medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog

Final word: Leaves a fresh feeling on the skin instantly, and at a price point of Rs. 60 for 50mL, I think it is a must-try product for everyone!

Medimix also has a Anti-Tan variant- the Medimix Ayurvedic Anti Tan Face Wash with Tanaka which I will try in a few weeks and let you girls know!

Have you tried the new Medimix Ayurvedic face wash? Do share your thoughts below.

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