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They say a city’s lifestyle is the most important deciding factor when you want to buy a home or shift to a new place for work. Today’s urban, young working professionals love the high-on-energy life that we have been seeing in movies for all these years. It is now easier to get a peppy lifestyle closer to home, right in South of Gurgaon!

south of gurgaon

Gurgaon offers a heady mix of modern work culture, super modern infrastructure, great food culture, excellent shopping, weekend outing options and entertainment options for the entire family.

south of gurgaon

Being in close proximity to Delhi, South of Gurgaon offers its residents a feel of the national capital minus the crazy pollution levels in Delhi. Many companies have set foot in Gurgaon, and if you are a young working professional, chances are, you’ll be working in Gurgaon at some or the other point. Take a stroll around any road in the city, and all you see are swanky offices and malls around you. These offices have the best of infrastructure, and are sure to attract anybody who is looking for a dream job. And for those who like partying after office, there are a ton of bars and pubs close to office hubs where you can catch up with friends and colleagues after work.

There are a ton of places where you can head to for shopping and family outings on weekends too. So whether you want to catch up on the latest movie or go watch a live show with the family, you have options galore. A huge number of great housing projects in the city itself make South of Gurgaon an ideal housing option for the young generation!

south of gurgaon

If you love the cosmopolitan lifestyle, South of Gurgaon, with its upcoming housing projects, is a great option to look out for! Do check out our post on 5 reasons why South of Gurgaon should be on your list!

*All images taken from South of Gurgaon website (linked above)

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