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I’m not sure how many of you know this, but it’s been about a year since I quit white sugar, and completely eliminated it from my diet, all this to get rid of acne! Yes, you read that right. After a lot of trials and errors, I realised that white sugar was breaking me out. And that’s when I decided to say goodbye to white sugar, and switch to healthier, better alternatives, and the Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads came in really handy! Continue reading to know how you can lead the no-sugar life too, without missing out on the sweetness.

dabur honey fruit spread

So one of the biggest problems you face, when it comes to quitting sugar is that intense, sudden craving for sweet foods. Your body, over the years, get used to that sugar rush and needs sugar at frequent hours. It could just be a psychological thing too, but some of us start getting cravings like no other. And that’s when we start drooling over chocolates and other desserts since we don’t see the ‘sugar’ in them with naked eye. Personally for me, my coffee addiction took a major toll on me when I quit sugar since my body needed that sugar and the caffeine rush! But then you have to give your body some sweet stuff to trick it into that sugar-rush kinda feeling. This is where honey comes in handy. I started having honey-ginger-lemon teas and what not to keep myself going, especially in the initial few days which are the hardest. Also, I have no faith in artificial sweeteners, since they come with their own set of problems later.

Ever since I discovered these adult jams in the form of Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads, life has become so much more easier though. Honey has always been seen as the elixir of health because of its nutritious and wholesome composition. The health benefits of honey cannot be matched by any other product. It’s a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals and it also boosts strength, immunity and good health in our body.

Dabur Honey Fruit Spread comes in four delicious and refreshing flavors (Strawberry, Plum, Exotic Berries and Kiwi) Kiwi being my favorite! The spreads contain pure honey and real fruit bits which you can actually munch on. The spreads are also rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and contain zero sugar and artificial colours in them. And not to forget, the reliability of Dabur- a brand that focuses on ‘science based ayurveda’ and has been a trusted brand for decades now!

One of my favorite recipes with these fruit spreads is a yoghurt cocktail– I use any two variants of the Dabur Honey Fruit Spread and sandwich some yoghurt in between in a fancy glass, and you’re all set. Guests love this healthy dessert too! You can use these spreads on breads, over chopped fruits and many other ways!

dabur honey fruit spread dabur honey fruit spread dabur honey fruit spread

I’ve been in love with the Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads, and I feel that they come in really handy for when you are aiming for a healthy, sugar-free lifestyle without having to give up on the sweetness! Do give them a try!

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