5 must have products from Gia Artisan Skincare!

Gia Artisan Skincare- 5 must have products

Hello ladies!

I’m back with a new list of 5 products you must have from Gia Artisan Skincare (formerly Gia Bath & Body Works). Along with the new branding and packaging, the brand has come up with an interesting new line-up of products. My skin has been loving the TLC from these products over the past few weeks, and I thought of sharing the same with you guys too!

gia artisan skincare

  1. Gia Artisan Skincare Desi Ritual bathing bar

This is like a bar form of the classic Ubtans that we all love, but have no time for! With ingredients like sandalwood powder, wild turmeric, shea butter, cocoa butter etc. listed there, it sure is the best way of getting an ubtan that our grannies swear by, but with much ease on a daily basis!

gia artisan skincare gia artisan skincare

2. Gia Artisan Skincare Coffee Body Polish

This one has to be my favorite of the lot, thanks to the coffee! Not only is the aroma very pleasing, the scrub is an effective one too. The coffee and sugar granules help in exfoliation, and the shea butter makes sure the skin is hydrated as it gets scrubbed. It does help in evening out the skin tone too. I have noticed some difference on the tan lines on my feet!

gia artisan skincare gia artisan skincare

3. Gia Artisan Skincare Coffee Facial Cleanser

I use this one as my morning scrub+ cleanser. Whenever my skin is feeling tired from lack of sleep, this product ensures that the skin gets rejuvenated thanks to the scrubbing action. The coffee aroma, that’s a constant favorite!

gia artisan skincare gia artisan skincare

4. Gia Artisan Skincare Bamboo Charcoal mask

This has to be the perfect product for bi-weekly skin detox. Twice a week, I use this mask in the evening after removing the makeup, and the skin instantly feels fresh. The pores also tend to look not so bad because all the gunk is out, thanks to the charcoal in there! Fabulous mask, especially if you have oily, acne-prone skin.

gia artisan skincare gia artisan skincare

5. Gia Artisan Skincare Coffee face mask

Another one of my favorites, this one goes to my sunday pampering routine for an extra bit of glow and aroma therapy. The mask has fine granules too which act as a gentle scrub. Love it!

gia artisan skincare gia artisan skincare

Those are my current favorites from Gia Artisan Skincare! What are yours? Do share in the comments below!

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