Victoria’s Secret ‘Love is Heavenly’ and ‘Bombshell’ EDPs: Review

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Today I’ve got for you my current go-to perfumes, and the last fragrance review for 2016! Cannot believe the year is ending in under a week, but I’m glad it was a good year! Anyhow, let’s get back on to the Victoria’s Secret EDPs. The brand is renowned for lingerie mainly, but they definitely have some great beauty products up their alley. Read on for these perfumes!

victorias secret love is heavenly

But first, some VS gyaan!

victorias secret love is heavenly

Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly EDP

victorias secret love is heavenly victorias secret love is heavenly

Originally launched in 2012, the fragrance was relaunched in 2016 in a prettier packaging. The fragrance is described as sensual, alluring and pure. The light blend of summery, fresh flowers and sugared musk symbolizes the beginning of a new romance. It contains notes of water lily, mandarin flower and luminous musk.

I love how the fragrance is floral with hints of woody, fresh-aquatic and musky notes. I’m not a huge fan of floral-only fragrances, and the only way I can wear a floral fragrance on me is when it comes with at least some musky or woody notes. This one is perfect in that department. But that’s where the good part ends. On my skin, this fragrance stays for very few hours. Somehow it gets evaporated completely in about 4 hours. And this is the first perfume to do this on me. It is nowhere to be found after 5 hours on my skin. I’ve used it during summers, fall and now winter, and the staying power increased just marginally during winters. Heartbreaking to the core!

Let’s just drool over the packaging now. Le sigh!

victorias secret love is heavenly

victorias secret love is heavenly victorias secret love is heavenly victorias secret love is heavenly victorias secret love is heavenly

Victoria’s Secret ‘Bombshell’ EDP

I have the travel sized packaging of this one, and I love having this in my handbag at all times. It has been travelling with me since quite some time now, so much so that I have managed to misplace the cute ribbon on the packaging too.

This fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance contains notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. The fragrance is clean and crisp, and a classic fruity-floral that most people will like. It is like an instantly refreshing fragrance which makes you feel as if you just came out of the shower- clean and crisp notes on the skin. Stays for a decent 7-8 hours on me, which I’m ok with, considering how disappointed I was with the staying power of ‘Love is Heavenly’.

Overall, a decent fragrance with decent staying power.

victorias secret love is heavenly

Victoria’s Secret fragrances are uber feminine and se*y, but need lotsa work in the staying power department, imho.

What’s your take on VS fragrances? Do share in the comments below.

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