My favorite Organic Harvest products for this season!

My favorite Organic Harvest products!

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite skincare products from Organic Harvest.. These have been tried and tested over a period of time and work well for me. Let’s take a look at what these are, shall we?

best organic harvest products review

Organic Harvest Masseuscious – Damage Control Cleanser

Price: Rs. 1495

This is a gentle and effective cleanser, the best part being it’s massaging cleanser head attached to the top. The massaging head helps dispense the product as a foam, and also massages the face while you apply the product. The bristles are pliable and work very effectively on the white heads on my nose, so I enjoy using this one more than anything.

The product as such leaves a squeaky clean feeling on the skin without drying it out, and I feel it can be used by all skin types.

best organic harvest products review

Organic Harvest Retention Hydrating Moisturiser

Price: Rs. 1595

The anti-oxidant rich Sea Buckthorn extract, well-known for it’s rejuvenating effects on the skin is the main thing which draws me to this product. I am constantly on the lookout for products with anti-oxidants these days, and this one fits the bill perfectly. This non-greasy moisturiser is great for winter days when the skin feels drier than usual. My Mom loves this one too! It does not leave any greasiness on the skin

The packaging- a pump dispenser, only makes usage easier!

best organic harvest products review

Organic Harvest Bright-I Anti Dark Circle Serum

Price: Rs. 1395

This serum has already featured in one of my recent videos (see below). The chief properties of the principal ingredient, ash tree bark extract, actively decrease the permeability of blood capillaries as well as fight against the degradation of hemoglobin into colored components thus reducing the coloration under the eyes.

I feel that this serum is great to be used in the morning time, since being very watery, it helps reduce puffiness instantly (as the liquid dries) and makes the eye area firmer!

best organic harvest products review

Organic Harvest Green Apple lip balm

Price: Rs. 199

This cute looking lip balm dome does a good job at keeping the lips moisturised in the driest of weather. Love it!

best organic harvest products review

So those are my current favorite Organic Harvest products. What are yours? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. are the bristles of the Damage Control Cleanser hard ? won’t it be harsh on the face ?
    I love this same Lip Balm & have multiples of it

  2. Hi Ritu 🙂 Loved the post. Gonna try the Organic Harvest products! I’ve just started out my own blog related to makeup and skin care reviews too. Loving it so far!

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