Sigmagic Brushampoo Review & Demo: Video

Sigmagic Brushampoo Review & Demo

Washing your makeup brushes regularly is important- something we all know. But do we like doing this chore? Absolutely not! At least I don’t enjoy the drill, but I still try to wash my makeup brushes every week just to keep them clean and my skin free of any infections from dirty brushes. I recently came across the new Sigma Beauty- Sigmagic Brushampoo (brush shampoo). After having used the MAC brush cleanser for a lot of years, I finally stumbled upon something new and interesting, and here’s what I think of it:

Do check out the video for the complete review and a quick demo with this new product.

sigmagic brushampoo review

I love that the Sigmagic Brushampoo is all natural and has no chemicals in it. It leaves the brushes squeaky clean, and the virgin coconut oil in there helps keep the brushes soft and conditioned, unlike other cleansers in the market. Hence, I do not need to worry about conditioning the brushes (which I occassionally do). It also effectively cleans all sorts of makeup products such as powders, gels, lipsticks and other cream products. Also, the brush shampoo sanitizes the brushes, so there are no chances of you catching any infections from any bacteria growing on makeup brushes. The cleanser works on makeup brushes and beauty blenders/ sponges with equal ease.

The pump dispenser only makes life easier, and you can safely travel with this in your travel bags without any stress about spillage.

Overall, I am quite happy with the product, and feel that it is a good addition to the brush care range by Sigma. You know your brushes are taken care of, and will last you a long time with all this delicate care. Definitely give it a try!

You may buy the Sigmagic Brushampoo for $15 on their website.

What are your favorite brush cleaning products? Do share in the comments below.

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