YBP Makeup Perfector- Review

YBP Makeup Perfector- Review

Hey girls!

Back here after a short break (and gonna be on an even longer break now thanks to the wedding!), I thought I’ll quickly share with you girls one of my favorite makeup tools at the moment- the YBP Makeup Perfector. It has been around for a while now, and I finally got to try it. Read on for the deets!

ybp makeup perfector review

So Beauty Blenders are all the rage in the makeup world since some time now, but when I recently started using the YBP makeup perfector, I was taken by surprise by the fact that the sponge is ACTUALLY much better than the beauty blender itself.

The egg-shaped sponge sponge fits into my entire hand when it has been soaked and squeezed so you get a lot of surface area to use on the face with different products. The sponge feels quite dense, and is very soft on the skin. It does not absorb too much product too, and works best with creams and liquids. You can use the pointy side to get into the smaller areas like around the nose and larger areas to blend products on the cheeks etc.

Another high point of the product is the packaging- the container itself is perforated to help the sponge ‘breathe’ while it is inside, which comes in handy while travelling. It is, however, recommended that the sponge be dried outside the container as much as possible. Also, the lid of the pack can be used as a makeup mixing plate, which is so cool. No more mess on the back of the hand!

It is also latex free, which is good for those who have latex allergy.

ybp makeup perfector review ybp makeup perfector review

Apart from all the above points, I also love the price point of Rs. 999. I am waiting to check the longevity of the product with regular usage, though. Will keep you guys posted!

Overall, I am totally loving this product right now, and will highly recommend it to you guys! More about the product on the website here.

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