You Go Girl with the new Whisper Ultra Soft

New Whisper Ultra Soft


Probably the toughest time in a girl’s life, which, sadly, appears in her life every month! Even though I am blessed to have not so painful periods, the other factors associated with periods themselves can generally make you uncomfortable some times. Especially pads. This thing can make or break your life (during periods).

I remember when I hit puberty, there were a limited number of sanitary pad options in the Indian market, and some of them were really uncomfortable. And then I discovered ‘Whisper’ one day which changed my life forever. Having been a Whisper fan for all these years, I was happy to come across the NEW Whisper Ultra Soft, a fresh entrant in the market. Read on for the deets.

whisper ultra soft review

whisper ultra soft review

The new Whisper Ultra Soft comes in a pretty pastel pink packaging inside and out. Each pad inside is packed individually which helps keep them safe if you are to carry one in your handbag, and also help in easy disposal after usage. The best thing is that these new ones are super soft and are very comfortable to wear. I found these to be the most comfortable and the softest sanitary napkin in the market right now.

The napkins have a length of 284mm which is pretty nice to keep you covered in all sorts of sitting (and sleeping) positions without the fear of leakage from the back. The wings keep the napkin in place securely. Also, the back of the napkin is a little wider than the front, so go sleep in whatever position you are comfortable in.

whisper ultra soft review whisper ultra soft review

The soft core has good absorbency and the fresh odor free pearls keep period odor at bay.

whisper ultra soft review

whisper ultra soft review

Overall, I highly recommend the new Whisper Ultra Soft. The cottony soft feel and great absorbency make for a great napkin while keeping you comfortable all day*. You can now enjoy sitting, sleeping and dancing in all your favorite positions with much ease!

The product is priced at Rs. 64 for a pack of 7 pads. You may buy it online here.

*It is recommended that the napkin be changed every 8 hours.

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  1. The product is awesome… it was good, if whisper xxxl had the same features as well… During heavy flow we will be more worried about the leakage…

  2. It is soft no doubts but it is not spread the flow evenly like old whisper pads so this always feels wet feeling .not satisfied

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