Rejuve The Spa- The Lalit New Delhi: Review

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I’m sure all of you know by now that I recently got married (yes, I’m working on the bridal and wedding posts, I promise!). Being a bride or groom-to-be can be quite stressful, especially when you are a hands-on bride/ groom like us who wants to make sure each aspect of the wedding is taken care of, right from the guest list to the decor and the food. Not to forget the numerous shopping trips! A spa just before the wedding is something we highly recommend (from experience). I’m going to talk about my pre-wedding spa experience at Rejuve The Spa at The Lalit New Delhi. Read on!

rejuve the spa the lalit new delhi review

Rejuve- The Spa offers a complete holistic experience encompassing aromatherapy, ayurvedic, herbal and natural therapies, patented color healing and yoga. The spa has a very tranquil ambience, and the moment you enter the spa area, you start feeling relaxed.

Our session started with steam before the massage which helps open up the pores on the skin so that any oils and lotions that are applied on the skin during the massage get better absorbed into the skin for maximum benefit. We opted for the couple aroma therapy massage which not only left the muscles relaxed but the aroma therapy had a very soothing effect on our minds too. The relaxing spa was followed by a luxurious pedicure at the salon and we truly were ready to take on the wedding functions which were starting in a few days.

rejuve the spa the lalit new delhi review

rejuve the spa the lalit new delhi review

rejuve the spa the lalit new delhi review

The luxurious services delivered by skilled staff in a great ambience is all you need to relax and unwind, especially before a big day, and we highly recommend Rejuve The Spa at The Lalit New Delhi. Do check them out!

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