How to Plan a Wedding in Delhi?

The wedding is the main event in the life of every couple. In India, it is not just a ceremony. It is a tradition that originates from ancient times. In Delhi, you can celebrate a perfect wedding if you follow our small guide.

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You can do everything by yourself or rely on wedding planners. Just read this article to check the list of the best wedding planners in Delhi should you decide that you want the help professionals with all of this. Let’s see what you should know to make the event unforgettable.

  • First of all, you and your families have to decide what kind of evening your wedding should be. Will it be more pragmatic or rather conservative? Decide what factor plays the main role in your life: religion, socialization or modern trends.
  • You need to concentrate on the rituals. In Delhi, the main Vedic steps, and rituals do not differ much from those across other parts of India. If it is a Christian wedding, the traditions are the same as Western world has got. Anyway, you need to focus on the essential meaning of every tradition more than on the ways to perform them.
  • In India there is a tradition to give personal invitations to the wedding and receive blessings from relatives and friends. Try not to use post cards. You will enjoy eye-to-eye contact much more and show more respect this way.
  • Every wedding can encounter a lot of issues. Your task is to consider all steps and solve all problems together with all members of families. A lot of members of various religions and social classes live and the point of view on any or and tradition may differ dramatically.
  • Plan everything beforehand. Usually wedding planning companies receive the orders about 10 months before the celebration. Indian wedding and its rituals take a lot of time to be conducted, so never delay.
  • Choose the right place for conducting a ceremony. The best option is renting a wedding hall or a conference hall of a big hotel to make sure that you will not have to change places and be in a rush. Plus, such hotels or halls can offer you their own decorations, catering and transportation.
  • Plan all ceremonies. It will take a lot of time to make sure that you have an agreement to conduct all needed rituals. Make sure that all rules are followed during the Homa ritual, ask the guests to be silent when the ceremony is conducted.
  • It is obvious that you will need to prepare all items needed for Pandid.
  • Make sure to hire a staff that understands the Hindu wedding. All planners, DJs, waiters and servants have to know and respect all aspects of the sanctity of your wedding.

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Well, these steps need to be considered before every wedding in Delhi. You can try to do it by yourself or hire a skilled wedding planner to help you. Anyway, we believe that your wedding will become a real event of this magnificent city.

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  1. My wife loves Delhi style big wedding. I personally, prefer small personal wedding.
    BTW, Thanks for sharing in depth about the topic.

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