Best Hair Care Hacks From Your Kitchen

Hair care hacks from your kitchen!

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In the era of today’s pollution and dirt, hair care takes a toll on us. That is the reason most of the times you will see that our hair is tied in a bun. That long swept open hair is a dream. And that is the reason why expensive hair creams and hair care products are in demand in the market these days. But do you know that all of them are loaded with chemicals and preservatives???

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So, why buy those expensive and commercial hair care products where you can get the same or may be better benefits in your kitchen?? Don’t trust me, then have a look at some of the best hair care hacks from your kitchen shelf!

Tea Leaves– How about using the water boiled with tea leaves for your hair. This will give you an awesome color and shine for your hair. And you will be blessed with hair like never before.

kitchen hair care hacks

Besan Hair Pack– How about a besan hair care pack? Make a hair pack with lots of aloe vera, curd and besan. This hair pack has the goodness of besan in them. This will moisturise your hair and keep them soft and silky.

kitchen hair care hacks

Honey– we all know that honey has got excellent moisturising and antibacterial properties for your face and the same goes for the hair too. And honey is a versatile product. You can use it in numerous ways. Use it with any regular pack on your hair or you can mix the honey with your regular hair oil and apply it to the hair for best results. This indeed is one of the best and easiest hair care hacks from the kitchen!

kitchen hair care hacks

Avocados– Avocados are the powerhouse of beauty and health. They are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin B and E. You can use avocados with a hair pack or directly on your hair on one of those lazy days. This will not only strengthen and revitalize your hair but also keep your hair black for a very long time. Not to forget they also promote hair growth.

kitchen hair care hacks

Banana– Bananas contain vitamin A, B, C, carbohydrates and natural oils which make the fruit one of the best fruit for hair care. The fruit is known to improve the elasticity of your hair and will work as an incredible component in your hair care. Not to forget it also softens the hair. Check out our banana hair pack recipe here.

kitchen hair care hacks

These are some of the best hair care hacks from your kitchen which will transform your hair in no time. But you must remember that these natural products don’t work overnight. They take time to show results and work on your hair.

So, what are you waiting for??? Try these incredible hair hacks from your kitchen and don’t forget to be patient.

Written by: Pallavi Bose

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  1. I have always had a problem with my hair. I have tried so many hair products, hair treatments, hair vitamins–name it. I have tried numerous chemicals for my hair, maybe its time to use the natural ones! Thank you for posting this! Will probably try all of them!

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