Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoons have already knocked on our doors and before stepping out, you need some preparations to monsoon-proof your makeup to avoid makeup mishaps. Monsoon is normally accompanied by humidity and thus your makeup needs special attention.

So, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks given below for monsoon makeup!

  1. Primers –Primer is a must before beginning any makeup. It will set your base and make your makeup stay longer. Also, use a primer with a matte finish. This will prevent your skin from becoming greasy.
  2. Choose Matte Makeup – Matte makeup is the first thing to choose rather than creamy ones. In monsoon because of rain or humidity the makeup washes out and product containing shimmer particles will wash out much faster. So, go with matte eye shadows, blush, bronzer and likewise.
  3. Transfer Proof – this is the time of the year when you should use transfer proof makeup. Try to keep transfer proof and water resistant makeup for monsoons.
  4. Lip Liners– In monsoon because of humidity lipstick tend to bleed. So, you must line your lips with a lip liner first to prevent the lipstick from bleeding.
  5. Sealing Your makeup – Use a loose powder to seal your makeup. Any liquid and cream makeup products should be set with a light application of powder.  This will help your makeup to stay in place.
  6. Infections – Monsoon brings along infections and viruses. So, don’t forget to sterilize your makeup brushes and tools regularly. This will keep your makeup tools infections free.
  7. Setting Sprays – Setting Sprays are the last and a “MUST” step in monsoon. This will seal your makeup and prevent it from bleeding or melting in monsoon.
  8. Avoid Heavy Makeup – Monsoon is not meant for heavy and dramatic makeup. Use light makeup on your face. Heavy makeup will bleed making it look unpresentable.
  9. Sunscreen is a must – Don’t skip sunscreens even when it’s a rainy season. Sunscreens are a must even on a cloudy day. You can go a bit low with the SPF but a sunscreen is a must. Check out our list of top 10 sunscreens in India.
  10. Blotting sheets – It is best to keep a few blotting sheets handy to blot away any excess oil from the face (thanks to humidity) before applying a fresh coat of pressed powder.

Let me know if you have any more makeup tips and tricks for monsoons in the comments down below.

Written by: Pallavi Bose

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  1. Your post is excellent! I sweat like a pig in monsoon because of all that humidity. Makeup and me always seem to part ways as soon as its monsoon. I am going to try out all your tips. You are a LIFESAVER!

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