Best home remedies for forehead acne

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If I ask you that what is the common spot of pimple or acne then 6-7 girls out of 10 will respond to forehead. Yes, I also remember I got my first painful pimple on my forehead only. And suddenly it multiplied from 1-4.  And then it became a regular affair.

home remedies for forehead acne

I didn’t know what to do then but today we are a lot more informed and thus I would like to share with you treatments and remedies for forehead acne –

  1. Cleansing your Skin

The best way to remove and avoid pimples is to keep your skin clean. So, don’t forget to remove the oils and dirt from your face. Also, keep cleaning your pores regularly and remove the sweat and dirt from your face regularly. This is equally important in case of forehead where you need to clear the dirt and sweat to avoid forehead acne.

  1. Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff can be a major cause of forehead acne. So, better use a good anti-dandruff and clarifying shampoo which will remove the product build up from your hair. Of course the anti-dandruff shampoo will dry out your hair so you can follow it up with a conditioner.

  1. Check with your doctor

There are some medications which increase pimples especially forehead acne. Medicines like birth control and weight gain pills causes acne. So, it’s better to ask your doctor before starting any medication. And you can reduce the effect of any of these medicines by drinking a lot of water always.

home remedies for forehead acne

  1. Chemicals in clothes

Some clothes have also got chemicals, especially from detergents, which can cause acne. And when you have a dirty, clogged and oily forehead then definitely you are going to have a forehead acne. So, better to go with organic clothes or clothes having less synthetic substances in it.

  1. Hair products

Hair products which contains too many chemicals can be a major cause of forehead acne. It’s because anything wrong with your hair will first reflect on your forehead. Also, hair products like heat protectant sprays, heat styling products can be some of these products causing forehead acne. So, double check the ingredients list before buying the products.

  1. Wash and don’t scrub

If you are suffering from regular forehead acne then switch to face washes from face scrubs. Also, use gentle cleaning face washes and not any harsh chemical products. And remember to rinse your face with lukewarm water and just pat it dry and don’t rub it with a towel.

  1. Avoid Headbands

Another way of avoiding forehead acne is to avoid wearing products which create more pressure on your forehead or on the front portion of your hair. You can try to avoid headbands, hats, crowns or any such products.

home remedies for forehead acne

  1. Avoid using heavy oils

You must avoid using heavy oils on your hair. Because some part of the oil will flow down and this will cause forehead acnes. So, even if you are using heavy oils then just wipe them off using a cloth or apply some talcum powder along the hairline. And this way your forehead acne will be in control.

  1. Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is very harmful for our skin. And we all know that sun exposure is maximum on our forehead only. And because of constant sweat and dirt and oil on your forehead it can bring out acne. It is important to apply sunscreen regularly. Check out our list of top sunscreens in India.

home remedies for forehead acne

  1. Dietary Changes

Dietary changes are the last but one of the most important point to take care of when you are talking of forehead acne. Avoid fried and very spicy foods. Try to include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet and you can see the difference yourself.

Written by: Pallavi Bose

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