More than you can see- Lavender fields, ahoy!

Fragrance and love- these are two things that cannot be hidden, nor are they seen!

lux ambassador ritu france trip

As promised in my last post on my experience in France with Lux, I’m going to share with you guys my experience of being at the lavender fields. From Provence, we drove down to this place called Valensole where all the lavender farming happens. And I cannot describe in words how it felt to see these fields in person. The first sight of the fields just blew away our minds. And as we inched closer to the fields, the excitement only grew. I was happier than I had imagined I would be. It is extremely beautiful to experience such a thing, and I am grateful to Lux for being the reason behind this. Not to forget the subtle lavender fragrance in the air all around. That thing I was saying about fragrance- more than you can see. We were literally in the middle of the lavender field, but the fragrance wasn’t as strong as I had expected it to be. Maybe we went there at a time when the lavender was not ready to let out it’s fragrance to the max.

Of course, there are pebbles between the rows of lavender. I wanted to wear heels with this dress for my shoot but obviously couldn’t. I even walked bare foot for a bit. Had to stick with the shoes I was wearing for the day. They don’t go well with the dress, but that’s ok. I love the pictures anyway.

There are also bees! They casually brush around your body while you walk. The lavender buds also poke on your skin while you are jumping between rows for that perfect photo. Things we do for a good shot!

I didn’t tell you any of the above. LOL!

lux ambassador ritu france trip lux ambassador ritu france trip lux ambassador ritu france trip

I also managed to get some pictures in a wheat field just around the lavender field, right at the moment when the sun was setting- the golden hour!

lux global ambassador
Golden wheat against the sunset

And below are some images from my camera- from the beginning of the journey till the end. It was lovely experiencing the chilled out vibe of Aix en Provence- one of the most relaxed European cities I’ve been to (this was my third visit to Europe, so I can safely say that!). The city is mainly a University area, so there’s lots of young crowd there. The food is great, and evenings are best spent in the inner lanes where you will find some great restaurants.

aix en provence travel blog
The beginning of the journey!
aix en provence travel blog
Le Pigonnet, Aix en Provence
aix en provence travel blog
Evening walks in Europe. Street-side dinner. Oh, and some wine!
aix en provence travel blog
City Centre, Aix en Provence, France
aix en provence travel blog
Soaps made by yours truly
aix en provence travel blog
Exploring the beautiful Aix en Provence. 
aix en provence travel blog
Bursting the ‘Lux’ bubble!
aix en provence travel blog
More food- what’s that french dessert you see?
aix en provence travel blog
Some dessert beer anyone?
aix en provence travel blog
Country food- simple and fresh
aix en provence travel blog
The Chateaux- beautiful inside and out!
aix en provence travel blog
Lunch! Cote Cour, Aix en Provence
aix en provence travel blog
Lavender fields and lavender infused food!

And that’s a wrap. Until next time with Lux!

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  1. Hands down the most beautiful pictures I have seen this week, Ritu. You look so elegant, stunning, beautiful and fields of lavender!!!!!!!! I have been trying to get lavender for such a long time!! It’s practically impossible to grow them here. Never seen fresh lavender. And you are in a field of them, wow!
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