Royally Homemade- the skincare products you NEED!

Royally Homemade- the skincare products you NEED!

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you some products from an indigenous brand ‘Royally Homemade’. Established in February, 2017, the brand makes 100% Handcrafted, Homemade, Natural and Organic Elite Beauty products. The products are mainly made with raw shea butter, raw cocoa butter from Africa, top grade natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils such as rose, cedarwood, peppermint, sweet orange, lavender, avocado etc. of the finest quality.

royally homemade skincare review

As per the brand, the products are extremely efficient for baby skin and aging skin because of their phenomenal properties and ingredients. The plethora of products effectively firm, lift saggy skin, removes dead skin cells, eliminate stretch marks and acne marks, make dark circles disappear, heals itchy skin, eczema and Psoriasis very effectively, cure headache, depression and anxiety, make hair amazingly soft and smooth, reduces hair fall and promote new hair growth, makes skin brighter and extremely glowing all day long.

royally homemade skincare review

I got to try some of their skincare products and here’s what I think of them:

Royally Homemade Royal Milk & Honey Delight Skin Polish

This has to be my favorite scrub at the moment. The skin polish has the goodness of real milk, olive oil, honey and brown sugar. It has a mix of fine and coarse sugar granules which gently scrub away any dead skin cells from the surface. The oils in it ensure that your skin does not feel stretchy and dry after usage. I like using this twice a week.

Royally Homemade Valentine Rose Skin Butter

Another great product which works really well. It is advisable to use this right after the scrub/ polish step. I like using this while my skin is still slightly damp and it gets absorbed into the skin like a dream, revealing gorgeous, buttery soft skin. The whipped nature of the product makes it easy to apply to the skin. I also love the Rose fragrance, something very feminine and attractive. And I’m all for aromatherapy with my bath and body products. This product can be used both on the face and body and works great. I like using this on the dry areas of my skin before sleeping too, like elbows, hands and heels and it works like a charm!

royally homemade skincare review royally homemade skincare review

Royally Homemade Royal Plump Up Lip Butter

I’ve been dealing with a lot of dryness on the lips lately because of the slight nip in the air these days, and this lip balm comes in handy. It has peppermint oil which gives a cooling and tingling effect, and may even give you plumping effect if you apply generously. It stays by my bedside and is a constant in my bed-time skincare routine.

Royally Homemade Royal My Love Orange skin polish

This one comes into play on tired days when I need a dash of citrus in my skincare routine. Citrus fragrances are known to instantly uplift your mood. This one, it polishes the skin too as we go.

royally homemade skincare review

Overall, I’m having a great skin time with these ‘Royally Homemade’ products. You should give them a try too!

PS: To place an order, you can send them an email with a few of your pictures with skin/ hair concerns, if any, and they will connect with you. The brand believes in recommending you the right products for your skin type and for best results instead of just selling them!

For more, connect with them on Facebook or send an email.

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