Beauty resolutions for the new year!

Beauty resolutions for the new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Each time we hit a new year, we tend to make some resolutions to take care of our health, in most cases, our skin and hair and other important things (like wealth :P). But resolutions are meant to be broken, aren’t they? Well, not always. Let’s take a look at some beauty resolutions we should all make in this new year in no particular order. These are simple ones, so you won’t be able to break them! 🙂

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Drink more water

We cannot emphasise enough on the benefits of drinking enough water for your body- not just for the skin and hair. If your body is hydrated from within, you get the benefits of supple skin, no dry patches, no acne, no fine lines, etc. Need we say more? Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily for soft, glowing skin!

Apply sunscreen regularly

We live in a tropical climate, and even on a cloudy day our skin is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing a good sunscreen (Read- 10 best sunscreens in India ) is imperative for healthy skin for long. Not only does a sunscreen minimise tanning, it also protects the skin against the UVA and UVB rays which can cause skin cancer in extreme cases.

Clean out your makeup stash

Throw out old products which you have been clutching on to since eternity! Expired or old products can do more harm to your skin than anything else. From acne to allergies to rashes, you can get them all from old products, so it is time to bid them adieu in the new year!

Clean your makeup brushes

Now as much as we love makeup, we all hate cleaning makeup brushes. It is a chore which every girl wants to avoid but shouldn’t. Used makeup brushes are potential breeding ground for bacteria and can cause acne and other skin and eye infections. Ideally, wash your makeup brushes every week, or atleast fortnightly to keep them clean and safe! We recommend using the Sigmagic Brushampoo or MAC Brush cleanser for the same. Here are 3 ways of cleaning your makeup brushes with ease!

Take off your makeup everyday before going to bed

A big resolution and a very important one! Never, I repeat, never go to bed with makeup on! It really does the most harm to your skin! Night time is for the skin to repair and regenerate, and if you sleep with makeup on, you are not allowing your skin to breathe and do it’s natural job during the night. The pores get blocked, and you might wake up with a pimple the next day! So use a good makeup remover and get rid of all the makeup before sleeping for sure!

Follow a strict CTM skincare regime

Twice a day, using the right products for the skin is important to keep it healthy and supple. A cleanser, toner and moisturiser are a must. See what works for your skin and stick to the regime, or consult your dermatologist for the best recommendations for your skin concerns.

Exfoliate and apply face mask twice a week

Removing dead surface skin using a gentle scrub and applying a face mask that suits your skin twice a week will go a long way in giving you good skin. You can thank me later.

Exercise 5 times a week

A good session of exercise improves blood circulation, tones your muscles and gives you that natural flush of color on the cheeks. It also eliminates toxins from the skin through sweating and keeps you healthy from the inside and out!

Get enough sleep

Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep for a rested body. And if you have slept well and are relaxed, it shows on your skin too!

Here’s to sticking to these resolutions in 2018!

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  1. Very nice tips,.. i follow most of them,. But due to my laziness, I tend to ignore some,.. Thank you for this post,..

  2. even though these beauty resolutions seem simple enough, I, for one have NEVER been able to follow though on them—and that’s really sad! So, this year I decided to make things simpler for myself and my resolutions are:
    1) Eat well most of the time
    2) Drink Water
    3) Sunscreen is your BFF
    4) Wash your face

    Let’s see how it turns out to be.

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