5 must have products from Gia Artisan Skincare!

Gia Artisan Skincare- 5 must have products

Hello ladies!

I’m back with a new list of 5 products you must have from Gia Artisan Skincare (formerly Gia Bath & Body Works). Along with the new branding and packaging, the brand has come up with an interesting new line-up of products. My skin has been loving the TLC from these products over the past few weeks, and I thought of sharing the same with you guys too!

gia artisan skincare

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Gia Bath & Body Works ‘Clean Cotton’ soap: Review

Gia Bath & Body Works has been a consistent brand in my bath and body kit ever since I discovered them a few years back. Back in the day, they used to do some soaps too, but over the years, their product portfolio has expanded from soaps to body lotions and shower gels to body mists and facial care products too. Today I’m going to review one of their latest launches- the new Clean Cotton soap! Read on for the details.

gia bath and body works soaps clean cotton

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August skincare and haircare routine/ favorites

Hey eevryone!

Here’s a quick update on my August skincare and haircare routine. I love sharing these posts with you guys more than separate reviews these days, coz I feel these give you a better idea about what routine I’ve been following and how my skin and hair reacted to a particular combination. Read on to know about the August favorites 🙂


skincare routine oily skin

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Gia Bath & Body Works: New body butter frosting & body polishes- Reviews, prices

Hey everyone!

I am back with product reviews now after almost a week’s gap. I had been travelling last weekend for a friend’s engagement, and while coming back, I fell ill, all of which led to an un-planned week-long break. Which is sometimes good too, but I missed you guys!

Anyhoo, today I’m reviewing some of the new products on offer from Gia Bath & Body Works. They have some really interesting new products (apart from the amazing line of soaps), 3 of which I’m reviewing today. Read on!

gia bath and body works body polish body butter frosting

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Gia Bath & Body Works ‘Dark Angel’ and some other new products

Hey everyone!

I’m going to talk about my super-favorite products from Gia Bath and Body Works in this post. One of these is the reason why my face is breaking out 99% lesser than usual. Yes, I had a ‘usual’ break-out cycle. I had accepted a certain amount of break-outs as part of my life. But not any more! Read on if you are intrigued already!

gia bath and body works dark angel scrub (2)Gia Bath & Body Works ‘Dark Angel’

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Sunday home spa regime

Hey everyone!

I am coming back here with a sunday pampering post after long. That whole series of posts got left behind, and don’t ask me why! Below is the sunday home spa regime I tried today, and I am doing this post to show you guys that you don’t always need those special ‘home facial kits’ or go to the salon every fortnight for a facial. Plus the weather right now is such that we get lazy and don’t feel like stepping out. How about a facial and body spa at home, with your everyday products? Read on!

sunday home spa regime

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