Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s wedding

Ever since Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya got engaged, the fan frenzy began. Their well wishers were hoping they tie the knot soon. On 8th of July the D-day was finally here. This beautiful couple has received lots of love from their fans since they declared their relationship. And as the wedding date was getting closer, their excitement was seen on all social media platforms. While the fans were showering their blessings on the couple, the couple also showed their love for the fans by making an appearance for the media waiting outside the venue after the wedding ceremony was over.Divyanka Vivek wedding pics

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Bridal Outfits by Tarun Tahiliani

Intricacy and inimitability are the buzzwords of his designs. You simply cannot have a look and be unaffected. It’s as if he puts his soul in each of his designs. That’s what he oeuvre speaks! Each cut, choice of fabric, design, motif and pattern blends effortlessly to create an attire that stands true to je ne sais quoi. He is none other than the ace designer – Tarun Tahiliani.So, why not have a sneak-peek at some of his bridal outfits!

1. BLUSH CRYSTAL CONSTELLATION OFF-SHOULDER LEHENGA – The exemplar of subtlety and elegance, this Blush crystal constellation off-shoulder lehenga has a soft net with beauteous sequins and intricate crystal embroidery on the hip yoke. The fine net dupatta with crystal elements add the dose of drama while keeping it understated. Chic and how!

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Best Bridal Outfits By Manish Malhotra

His is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to the fashion scene in India. The go-to designer of a number of B-town ladies for years, the who’s-who of the fashion circuit, the ace designer- Manish Malhotra is known to craft designs that set the ramp on fire.

Given his knack for detailing, one’s eyes are in for a treat if we have a sneak-peak of his exquisite bridal collection. So, on that note, let’s just do the same, shall we? J Let’s have a look at the best of Manish Malhotra’s bridal collection which are co-incidentally donned by B-town ladies.


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A peek into Kresha Bajaj’s faitytale wedding

Social media platforms are always flooded with content and so what sounded like the news of the year gets boring by the evening. However, social media posts sometimes stay in the memory as a musing when the content is as spectacular as Kresha Bajaj’s fairytale wedding!

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Bridal outfits by Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Renowned for re-introducing plain Janes as drop-dead gorgeous divas who can hold you bewitched for as long as they wish, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a name to reckon with in the Indian fashion fraternity. Widely known for aiding the gorgeous Vidya -Ooh-La-La-Balan in her quest to zero in on the attire meant for her, Sabyasachi’s designs leave one awestruck. On that note, shouldn’t we be having a sneak-peek at some of his best bridal outfits? Of course, we should and we will, right now .


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Hollywood bridal looks we love!

Bollywood and Hollywood portray entirely different ethos of weddings be it with respect to the setup, the attire or the rituals. Period! Thanks to Hollywood movies, we see that weddings there aren’t as elaborate affairs as they are in Bollywood movies. But that does not deter us from drawing inspiration from the wedding trousseau of ‘Videsi’ brides, right? After all, it is 2016 and we have begun experimenting with wedding attires, haven’t we? So, in line with that thought, today your eyes will get to feast upon the jaw-dropping wedding gowns of H-wood ladies who strutted in them with as much aplomb with which they uttered ‘I do’.


best hollywood bridal looks indian bridal blog

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Best bridal outfits to steal from bollywood flicks

Thanks to being fed on Bollywood for years, it is small wonder that we look to our tinsel town ladies for style inspiration. In fact, hearing dialogues like “Bhaiya, wo Kareena wala lehenga hai to batao warna main chali” or “Mujhe bus Alia ka Radha wala lehenga chahiye. Aur koi nahi chalega” aren’t startling. Come wedding season and every designer’s den/apparel store will be swarmed by such ladies whose knowledge of Bollywood flicks (more appropriately, knowledge of ‘wedding trousseau’ from Bollywood flicks) will put you to shame!

On that note, let me bring to you a list of top 7 Bridal outfit looks that you should shamelessly steal from B-town flicks. Ladies, shall we get going?

best bollywood bridal looks

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Bollywood brides we go gaga over!

What are the ingredients of a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’? Band, baaja, baaraat, lip-smacking cuisines, nights of unrestrained dancing on Bollywood chart busters and… wait! Did I just say ‘Bollywood’? So, why not have a look at our bollywood brides who tied the knot in panache, swaddled in the most resplendent and exquisite D-Day dresses? B-town ladies, after all do influence our choice of apparel and given how pivotal the D-Day is, it’s worth a thought to have a sneak-peak into their look book and borrow some ideas. So, scroll down and brace yourselves for if you are a lady, you are going to awe in admiration while if you are a man, you will brood in isolation!


bollywood brides bridal fashion

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Introducing: Bridal features

Hey girls!

Here’s to all the brides-to-be and the newly married ladies in the house! We’ve got a brand new feature catering just to all your needs. I was brainstorming about some new features on the blog, like just right now as I’m writing this post, and I realized I never talk about brides on the blog. Well, maybe I was reserving this category for around the time I’d be getting married, but that’s not in the pipeline yet anyway. So without further ado, here’s to the bridal chit-chat!

bollywood bridal fashion

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