#BeautyDIY- Honey lip wrap for those who love matte lipsticks!

I have moved into the matte lips phase after a really long gloss reign got over. The first thing I noticed about this change was that matte lipsticks demanded a lot of effort because it requires to prep the lips first or else what would have looked like a work of art kinda turns into a dry, dry desert.
honey lips
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Sunday Pamperings: How to treat yellow nails at home!

treat yellow nails

Hey everyone!

Remember I asked you all here for your remedies for yellowing nails because of nail-polish abuse on the Facebook page? Thank you all for pouring in your responses. I tried one of the methods, and it worked.

If you also have yellow nails because of constantly wearing nail polish, chances are, you would need to use this at-home nail bleach too.

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3 ways of cleaning makeup brushes

Hey everyone!

I hope you have all had a good look over my makeup brushes collection by now 😛 if not, please do have a look at that post! In this post, I’m sharing with you all 3 methods I employ for cleaning makeup brushes. This post was also requested by Samannita, so here we go!

makeup brushes

Personally for me, cleaning makeup brushes almost everyday is as important as applying makeup itself. Clean brushes= infection free brushes= no infections on the face. Brushes are potential breeding grounds for infection-causing organisms, and using dirty brushes can lead to skin irritation, acne, etc. And you’d think your makeup product is breaking you out! Next time, keep a tab on your brushes too! Also, regularly cleaning makeup brushes ensures your brushes last you a long time 🙂

I keep my brushes clean by spot-cleaning them after every use, and every 10-14 days, they are washed and sanitized thoroughly. 

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20 fun and easy makeup brush storage ideas

makeup brush storage (2)

Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I was sorting stuff in my cupboard and shelves, and realized the need to prettify brush storage for the dresser. I use make-up brushes daily, so it is important to keep some of them on the dresser at all times, so as to save time searching for them. Below are some makeup brush storage ideas- some of these are the way I store brushes, and some ideas I’ve taken off the internet.

To begin with, that’s my brush collection in the below pic. I have some 35 brushes with me as of today 🙂

makeup brush storage

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Sunday Pamperings: Best skin saviour! Ever! Steam facial!

facial steam

Heyyy everyone!

I know, a ‘Sunday Pamperings’ post after a bit of a gap.. Mainly because I was running out of ideas on DIY, and then, I also need to test things on myself before penning them down here for you guys!

So, today I’m gonna share with you all a tip, a trick, a method, call it whatever, but this is something that I’ve found to be a miracle for my skin!

And, the best part is, we all know about it since forever, but somehow ignore it (well, atleast I had been doing it all this time).

I’m talking about STEAM!

facial steam

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Sunday Pamperings: DIY Ubtan

Hey everyone!
Here’s sharing with you all a simple DIY, the traditional Ubtan recipe. A recipe known in India since time immemorial, it works effectively on skin blemishes, pigmentation, tanning, un-even skin tone. It gives a glow to the skin like no other skin product, and is one of the best anti-tan remedies.
home made ubtan

The only catch is that, like other home-made treatments, this one too takes some time to show results.
You need;
  • a pinch of turmeric (Haldi). Just be careful to not pick turmeric from the regular spice-rack at home. You should keep some turmeric separate at all times. You don’t want chilli-mixed turmeric on your face 😛
  • 1-2 tablespoons chick-pea flour (Besan
  • Curd (2-3 tablespoons)
  • A few drops of fresh lemon juice

diy ubtan

Steps: Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste.

diy ubtan step 1
1. Take turmeric in a bowl

diy ubtan step 2
2.  Measure chickpea flour

diy ubtan step 3
3. Add chickpea flour to turmeric and mix

diy ubtan step 4
4. Add curd to the above mix

diy ubtan step 5
5. Add lemon juice

diy ubtan steps

diy ubtan swatch
Ubtan- swatch

The application is easy. Just apply the paste/ ubtan to cleansed face (leaving out the eye and mouth area), and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off after 15 minutes.
Repeat twice a week for best results. Expect to see results in atleast 2 weeks.

It is advisable to prepare a fresh batch for each application.
Avoid too much of turmeric, or the skin may get stained.

Happy Sunday!

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DIY Neon Nail Polish

Hey everyone!
In this post I’m going to share with you all the tricks to creating your own neon nail polish!
This was also my feature for Cosmopolitan India April’13 issue.

diy neon nail polish

Neons have been a hot trend in the fashion scene of late, and while not all of us are comfortable donning a bright neon outfit (not me, atleast!), a pop of color here and there can surely do justice to the trend, and keep you stylish! A neon nail paint is a great way to imbibe this trend in your life!

What you’ll need:

  1. A bottle of clear nail paint. You can pick up a new one, or even use the one lying in your cabinet.
  2. A few shades of neon powder eyeshadows in colors of your choice- Use any bright shade that may be lying unused in your make-up kits. You can also get a host of options from Kryolan, Inglot, etc. The refills from these brands are particularly affordable, good quality and come in a variety of shades. The shade I have used are:
  • Yellow: Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow refill- Matte 370
  • Blue: Kryolan Eyeshadow Compact MATT UV-Blue.
  • A tooth-pick: To scrape eye shadow from the pan.
  • A paper funnel. I used a ‘stickey’ here. These papers have a glued end, and it is easier to create a funnel.
  • Steps:

    how to make neon nail polish at home
    In step 7 above, the eyeshadow powder is inside the funnel

    • Collect all the items.
    •  On a piece of stick-on paper, scrape the powder eyeshadow in the color of your choice with the help of a tooth-pick. This will ensure you get fine, powdered shadow.
    • Make a funnel with another piece of stick-on paper (since one side of the paper has a sticky end, we will not need to use tape/ glue to create a funnel).
    • Place the funnel over the mouth of the bottle of the clear nail paint.
    • Through the funnel, put the powdered eyeshadow into the bottle.
    • Close the lid of the bottle, and roll the bottle between your palms to mix the contents together. Let the bottle rest for about an hour for the contents to integrate with each other. Your DIY neon polish is ready!

    neon nail polish how to
    Apply a base coat to your nails, followed by the neon polish. Finish off with a top-coat.

    diy neon nail polish
    You can make a neon polish in any color this way. If you want, go ahead and add glitters to the polish for some more drama.

    *PS: These are NOT glow-in-the-dark nail paints 😛
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    D.I.Y. Magnetic Make-up Palette

    Hey guys!
    Remember the Inglot 5-refill magnetic palette HERE? Well, i love hoarding on eyeshadow and lipstick refills, but since some time, I had been stopping myself from buying them because you need a magnetic palette to store those babies, and the 5-refill magnetic palette that I had was occupied!
    So I came across this craft- retailer on Facebook who agreed to send in a few soft magnetic sheets to me. And lo and behold! Here’s my own magnetic palette for under 50 bucks! Here’s a picture tutorial for you all!
    diy magnetic make up palette

    Things you need:
    • A soft magnetic sheet (the ones used for crafts)
    • Any empty box which you think will be suitable for storing your make-up refills
    • A scissor
    diy magnetic make up palette (1)
    I recently bought a wallet from Hidesign, and the box had just been lying in my almirah. I chanced upon it yesterday, and I found it to be THE perfect thing to store my make-up.
    • The box is sturdy, made of cardboard
    • It looks pretty- turquiose and blue colors
    • It has a leather tassle/ ribbon to pull out the box from within, very classy, and totally functional!
    • Inside, there’s a lot of space!
    • The box is deep enough (around 1.5 inches in height) for me to make a 2-tier palette 😛
    diy magnetic make up palette (2)
    diy magnetic make up palette (3)
    diy magnetic make up palette (4)
    You can actually pick up any box, or make your own box. One can also customise the Vellvette boxes that we get every month. They are almost the same size as the box I have. You can also use old CD-covers. Those make for very slim palettes (just make sure you remove the central round part of the cover where the CD is attached. You will find videos on Youtube).
    Steps to make your DIY Magnetic Make-up palette:
    1. Place the box on top of the magnetic sheet for rough measurements
    how to make diy magnetic make up palette
    2. Cut up the magnetic sheet as per the size and shape of the box using a scissor.
    3. Place the sheet inside the box, and see if you need to make any changes to the size of the magnetic sheet. Alter size, if need be.
    how to diy magnetic make up palette
    4. Once you are satisfied with the size of the sheet that you have cut up, remove the backing from the magnetic sheet. The sheet will now stick to any surface (glued-back)
    diy magnetic make up palette at home
    5. Stick the magnetic sheet to the inside of the box.
    Done! Your magnetic palette is ready! 

    Below, you can see the Inglot 5-refill magnetic palette vs. my DIY magnetic palette. I can store about 15-20 refills in one palette of mine.
    diy magnetic make up palette tutorial
    DIY palette vs. Inglot 5-refill palette
    • Inglot 5-refill magnetic palette: Rs. 850; can store 5 round refills only
    • DIY magnetic palette: Rs. 40-50; can store 15-20 round refills, or some round refills + square refills + blush refills, etc. You can customise as per your requirement.
      • Magnetic sheet: Rs. 90, from which I have used just 1/3rd of the sheet. Price for one palette: Rs. 30
      • Box: Free. You can use any box lying at home
      • Scissor: Well, free. We all have atleast one scissor at home, always!

    This is the amount of magnetic sheet left-over with me from one A4 sized sheet. I can make 2 more of such palettes with this sheet.

    Now, the most important question- from where can we buy these sheets! I bought these sheets from a craft retailer by the name of Creativita. I contacted them on Facebook. You can contact them here: Creativita.

    One A4 sized sheet cost me Rs. 90, since I bought these with a couple of friends in Delhi (if you buy 6 sheets or so, it costs you Rs. 90 each, else Rs. 120-130 each sheet) + shipping. Prices may vary, so the retailer would be the best person to let you know the latest quotes. Please don’t treat this as the final price. It’s been some time since I bought these sheets.

    I hope you liked the post!
    Do share your comments below!

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    Sunday Pamperings: DIY Brown Sugar- Coffee scrub

    Hey everyone!
    Another Sunday, another Sunday Pamperings post from Ritu 😛

    Well, first of all, let me tell you, I’m a huge fan of trying out home made recipes for my skin. And, I get bored with things at the drop of the hat. So, I need some variety and constant change (if that means something! constant-change!), and hence I keep trying different things constantly. All this chatter, for a question at the end of this post, but don’t skip to the end of the post just yet!

    diy sugar and coffee scrub

    Today I tried a simple yet effective, coffee and brown sugar scrub on myself (remember the kinda disaster the Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub was? Read full post here. After using that scrub, I wanted a scrub with coffee in it. I’m more of a coffee person than a chocolate person). I saw some brown sugar lying in the kitchen cabinet yesterday, so I was itching to try out something with it. And I’m badly addicted to coffee, so mixing up both these things made perfect sense to me.

    What you need:

    diy sugar and coffee scrub (1)

    • 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (the one I’m using is Demerera sugar from Dhampur, a brand easily available in India). Now, you could use the regular sugar, but if you have brown sugar, nothing like it! PS: You can sneak-out some sachets of brown sugar from CCD or Costa next time 😛 One sachet will last you once.
    • 1/2 teaspoon coffee. I used the regular Nescafe coffee!
    • Some rose water as a diluting and binding agent. I’m using the Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water (review HERE).
    What does what?
    • Brown sugar: Exfoliates the skin. (Just pick up something with small granules. We don’t want a very coarse scrub, especially for the face). Removes dead skin cells from the surface. 
    • Coffee: Coarse coffee granules act as mild exfoliants, plus the added heavenly aroma therapy! Gosh, you wouldn’t want to miss this one for anything! helps tighten pores and remove oil from the skin. The caffeine in the coffee acts to reduce puffiness on the skin, and imparts shine to the skin
    • Rose water: Tones the skin, cools the skin, and tightens pores.
    How to make the scrub?
    • I could write 4 points here, but in essence, you just have to mix all ingredients together. Just use approriate quantity of rose water, adjusting the consistency as per your requirement.
    diy sugar and coffee scrub (2)
    1. Take brown sugar
    diy sugar and coffee scrub (3)
    2. Add coffee
    diy sugar and coffee scrub (4)
    3. Mix!
    diy sugar and coffee scrub (5)
    4. Add rose water and mix
    diy sugar and coffee scrub (6)
    Final product
    How to use?
    Wash your face, and apply the scrub, massage the skin with it using soft circular motions of the fingers. 
    Massage for 2-3 minutes, and you can leave the product on the skin for, say, 5 minutes. It will double up as a pack. 
    PS: Because of the sugar, the scrub/ mask may feel a little stickey, but trust me, the results are going to be worth it!
    PPS: The wash-basin may end up with brownish stains because of the coffee. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, if your mom scolds you!
    I hope you enjoy using this scrub as much as I did! And if you end up tasting the scrub, well! 😛 (the rose water I have used isn’t edible, so atleast I didn’t)
    Happy Sunday!
    Oh, the question: Are these sunday pampering posts getting boring and repetitive? Do leave your feedback below, or drop in a mail to ritu@theindianbeauty with your feedback, and suggestions. Thanks 🙂
    If you love them, how about a shout out below? Thanks again! <3
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    Sunday Pamperings: DIY Anti-acne face mask/ calming mask

    Heyyy everyone!
    Remember I recently gushed about a DIY face mask on Facebook HERE? This mask soothes the skin, and makes it soft and smooth…Well, here it is!

    diy anti acne face mask

    I was home the other day, and was thinking about doing an interesting yet easy mask which would target the following issues (these are the ones I am plagued with):

    • Oil control (summers, sigh!)
    • Acne-control (my skin is behaving these days, but is still ‘prone’ to break-outs, and prevention is better than cure, right?)
    • Dull skin (lol, we girls can forever complain about dull skin, we’re never too happy)
    • Hydration: hydrated skin = good skin, is what I’ve learnt in all these years!

    So, the recipe is fairly simple. You need:

    home made anti acne face mask
    • A ripe banana– take a 2 inch piece of banana… The one that I had was over-ripe, and hence was easy to mash
      • Effect: Bananas are known to be rich in vitamin A, B and E, are potent anti-ageing agents, and leave the skin feeling firm and soft!
    • Honey: 1 teaspoon. I’m using organic honey here, but you can use the regular honey too, though I’d advise that you seriously invest in a bottle of organic honey. It is better than the regular honey, both for consumption and application.
      • Effect: Honey is good at hydrating and nourishing the skin, helps in removing blemishes and spots, it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and fights signs of ageing too! Also known to impart a natural glow to dull skin.
    • Tea-tree essential oil: 2-3 drops. The one that I’m using is The Body Shop Tea-tree oil (reviewed HERE). You also get tea-tree oil from Aroma Magic, Soulflower, etc.
      • Effect: Tea-tree is a potent anti-acne agent because of it’s anti-bacterial properties. It also works well for oily skin, keeping it clear of infections.
    Method: All you gotta do is:
    1. take the ripe banana piece in a bowl, whip it up to a smooth consistency using a fork
    2. add honey
    3. add tea-tree oil
    4. mix
    home made face pack for acne

    And your mask is ready!

    Application: Apply the mask to cleansed face, and let it rest on your face for about 10 minutes.
    After 10 minutes, massage it into the skin using circular motions of the fingers for about 1-2 minutes. Leave it for another 2 minutes. Then, was off with plain water.
    I promise you, this mask is a sure-shot way of getting baby-soft skin.
    If you have extremely dry skin, skip the tea-tree.
    Caution: Because of the tea-tree oil, you may experience some tingling on the skin for a minute or two after application. You may perform a patch test behind the ear before applying this mask, if you have sensitive skin.

    You can use this mask 1-2 times a week.

    PS: Any left-over mask can be applied to the hands and feet. No harm in getting soft skin on the hands and feet too, right? Just saying!!!

    Hope you liked the post!
    Have a great Sunday!

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