Winners of the Dove Elixir Hair Spa contest!

Hey everyone!

The Dove Elixir hair spa contest concluded a few days back, and after consultation with the Brand team, we have picked upon the final 3 winners!

dove elixir giveaway

Without any delay, the 3 winners are:

  • Sakshi (sakshid****i@**
  • Priyanjana (pri****ana.***@**
  • Subi (sub********z@**

Congrats girls! Please send in your postal address to ritu(at) within 48 hours to claim your prize 🙂

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Hair Spa with Dove Elixirs

Hey everyone!

I recently got a cute hamper from Dove- containing the entire Dove Elixir range of products, a book, a scented candle, and some pot pourri. The whole idea behind the kit was to give us a relaxing ‘hair spa at home’ feel, and I’m really liking it!

dove elixirs-3

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New Dove Beauty Facial Cleansers with NutriumMoisture™

Beauty Serum for bouncy and happy skin
Dove Beauty Facial Cleansers with NutriumMoisture™
Mumbai, July 2013: Cleansing is one of the most basic skincare regimens that every woman follows. However very few realise that cleansing can be a damaging process causing skin to lose moisture, essential proteins and lipids from its surface layer. Dove, the global beauty brand with a rich heritage in cleansing and caring for skin, now brings to you a solution that combines the benefits of cleansing and moisturizing with the new Dove Beauty Facial Cleansers range.
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Say Goodbye to being Camera Shy

Tips from Jess Weiner,
Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador
New Delhi July 18, 2013:  A new study by Dove reveals that Indian women are missing out on some of life’s most memorable moments because they are not happy with the way they look.  A sense of anxiety about their appearance prevents them from capturing precious memories on camera, including those of their own wedding or the birth of their child or special family holidays.
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Say NO to gaps with the new Dove Intense repair Range with Keratin Actives

Say NO to Gaps!
The New Dove Intense Repair Range with
Keratin Actives helps Rebuild Damaged Hair at the Cellular Level
New Delhi, 29th May 2013:
‘You look exactly the same!’ While it’s great to hear that from someone you haven’t seen in years, you hope they don’t mean your hair. No woman enjoys wearing the same hairstyle day in and day out, much less for years together. We all love experimenting with our hair, whether its various styling products or instruments to make our hair look beautiful. In the attempt to look our best, we end up overlooking the daily damage we put our tresses through. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, hair damage is often self-inflicted. A gamut of factors are responsible for damaging hair, not just on a superficial level but from deep within. Constant and excessive exposure to the sun and daily pollution may strip hair of its natural luster, making it weak, dull and lifeless.
Self-inflicted activities such as blow drying, straightening, perming, colouring, etc. may leave hair damaged. Continual exposure damages the hair at cellular level causing gaps in your hair. This results in recurring hair problems in spite of various efforts women make to keep their hair nourished and damage-free.
Recognizing this need to repair hair damage at a deeper level, Dove introduces the new Intense Repair Range with ¼ moisture milk with the Keratin Actives that goes deep within strands to reconstruct hair by strengthening it at its core. So now with the Dove Intense Repair range, you can have healthy beautiful hair that’s strong and resilient to damage. Dull and damaged hair is transformed into shiny and smooth hair.

Speaking about hair damage, Ms Meena Rajan, R&D Head – Hair Category said, “We all like experimenting with hair, but in the long run, damage takes its toll within the structure causing gaps due to severe damage of keratin. Dove Intense Repair range with Keratin Actives works at the cellular level of the hair structure and helps reconstruct damaged protein making the hair strong and resilient to damage.”
Mr. Srinandan Sundaram, General Manager Hair Care adds, “At Dove, we know that when hair problems keep coming back, it means something is amiss at the cellular level. Signs of hair damage never show up alone. If it’s breakage now then it’s dryness later. New Dove Intense Repair with Keratin Actives goes deep within strands to repair damage”

It may seem that understanding what causes ‘damage’ is half the battle against it but to win the other half, you need expert-care. So, say no to gaps. New Dove Intense Repair Range reconstructs hair at the cellular level making it strong and beautiful.
Say No to damage!
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Press Release: Dove’s Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion

New Delhi April 10th 2013: Summer is a tough season for your body. Hot, humid, dusty, dry and sweaty, it makes you uncomfortable physically and robs you of confidence internally. Dove knows that when your skin feels beautiful & nourished, it allows you to express yourself more openly & confidently, because when you feel confident in your skin, it shows in your body language.
dove go fresh nourishment body lotion

Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion with advanced Deep Care Complex is enriched with rich cucumber extracts and green tea scents to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a cooling sensation that is perfect for this season.
Deep Care Complex is a combination of natural skin nutrients and essential oils that nourish skin deep down while delivering superior care for all skin types and needs. It is a blend of skin care ingredients including a patented skin nutrient technology that deeply nourishes the skin and replenishes the moisture levels to give you long lasting, soft and smooth skin. It is easy to spread and is absorbed by the skin to instantly hydrate without making you feel oily.
Cucumber extract is a naturally hydrating substance and also provides vitamins and minerals that enhance the complexion and adds a glow to your skin. It has a cooling after-effect that soothes and rejuvenates the skin.
The powerful combination of rich cucumber extract and the aromatic green tea scent leaves a refreshingly cool sensation that provides a unique sensory experience.
Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion also includes key nutrients like glycerol which makes skin moist, soft and supple to touch. Amino acids, act as a repair treatment from within keeping the skin smooth and elastic. The moisturizing emollience of sunflower seed oil has the primary objective of reinforcing the skin barrier.
According to Dove’s Body Language Expert, Dr. David Leffell, “Keeping our skin healthy and well-nourished is essential to good health. When used as part of a daily beauty regime, the Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion consistently improves and protects the condition of your skin, ensuring it is well nourished.”
Dove wants all women to have a happy confident body language and Go Fresh Nourishment is the first step to attain this with soft, supple and beautiful skin. 
So go beyond moisturisation this summer for true skin nourishment with ‘Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion’

*Press Release
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Dove Elixir: Nourish your hair while on the move!

Nourish your hair while on the move
“Dove Elixir-A precious hair oil” by Dove provides every woman the enriched experience of hair oiling – the age old practice in a modernized and convenient format.  This precious hair oil provides power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes

In an age where ‘pamper-me’ time is a luxury and most of us are always in a hurry, we often search for effective and time-saving options while caring for our tresses.  Hair oils infused with exotic ingredients which don’t require overnight oiling are definitely something we women swear by for nourished locks.
New Dove Elixir is the perfect combination of precious oils and real ingredients like Lavender, Argan oil, Hibiscus, etc. which are absorbed quickly in the scalp. Available in three variants – Hair fall Rescue, Dryness Care, and Daily Shine, Dove Elixir has a faster penetration with super absorbent technology; this light non-sticky oil gives faster nourishment and faster shine with manageability in just 30 minutes of application
Quick application- In order to have soft and nourished hair you can apply the hair oil just before cleansing. On the other hand, if applied after cleansing, it will help protect your hair from damage.

*Press Release
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Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion: Review

Hey everyone! What are your plans for new year’s eve?
Today I’m reviewing the Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion.

dove essential nourishment body lotion

dove essential nourishment body lotion review

About Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion: Refer the image below.

about dove essential nourishment body lotion
dove essential nourishment body lotion about

Price: Rs. 180 for 250mL

Packaging: The lotion comes in a tall, white bottle, slim at the waist for easy grip, and with a flip-top cap. easy to use, though I’m not too sure if it is travel friendly, as is the case with all bottles with a flip-top.

dove essential nourishment body lotion packaging

Ingredients: refer below pic.

dove essential nourishment body lotion ingredients

My take on Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion: The body lotion is a thick, creamy lotion, white in color. It has a smooth texture, and it spreads, easily. Also, it gets absorbed into the skin by almost 90%, leaving behind smooth, moisturised skin, soft to touch. It keeps the skin hydrated almost the whole day. The fragrance is mild, and has a mix of floral and musky tones to it.

dove essential nourishment body lotion swatch

Pros of Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion:

  • Smooth lotion, spreads easily
  • gets absorbed into the skin well, without leaving behind any stains on clothes
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Keeps skin hydrated for a long time
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easily available everywhere

Cons of Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion:

  • Loads of chemicals, including parabens

Verdict: Pocket friendly, effective, must-have body lotion this season! Do check it out!

Rating: 9.5/10

Have you tried Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion? Which is your current favorite body lotion? 

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Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner- Review

Hi girls!!!
Today I’m reviewing the Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner. Since I never use a shampoo without the conditioner from the same range, I feel it is better to review the whole range together, rather than reviewing the individual products. So here’s the review for the Dove intense repair products.

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo

About Dove Intense Repair shampoo:

Price: Rs. 123 for 200mL

Packaging: The shampoo comes in a white, curvy plastic bottle, with a flip-top cap. The packaging is simple, chic and easy to travel with.

Ingredients and directions for usage:

Texture/ consistency/ fragrance: The shampoo has a runny consistency, though not very runny. It is smooth, texture wise, and on a closer look, the shampoo seems to have some shimmer particles to it. I wonder why a shampoo has shimmer particles, but never mind! They do not stick to the hair. The fragrance is nothing to boast about. It smells like a ‘shampoo’ usually does. Can’t describe here.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner

About Dove Intense Repair conditioner:

Price: Rs. 64 for 90mL

Packaging: The conditioner is housed in an inverted, squeezy tube, which is white in color. The tube has a flip-top cap, and is again easy to carry.

Ingredients and directions for usage:

Texture/ consistency/ fragrance: The conditioner is white in color, and of thick consistency (see above pic), and is easy to use. Smells similar to the shampoo.
My experience with Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner: I started using this range at a time when my hair was severely damaged, dry, brittle, and I was suffering from a hell lot of hairfall (because of the Matrix Opticare range). The Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner has been my saviour! I’ve been using this range for more than 6 weeks now, and the hair-fall is reduced by upto 95%, my hair looks much better now, and split ends are also reduced (split end reduction is more visible, probably because I started using this after a hair-cut). But all in all, I am loving this shampoo and conditioner for now. No complaints as such, other than the fact that these are loaded with chemicals.
Pros of Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner:
·         My hair looks shiny (probably because of the silicones in these L)
·         Reduction in split ends
·         Major reduction in hair fall. So if you don’t have hair-fall, you can be sure that using these won’t result in hair fall J
·         Controls frizz moderately
·         Nourishes the hair, making them soft to touch
·         Pocket-friendly price
·         Easily available everywhere
·         Travel friendly packaging
Cons of Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner:
·         Lots of chemicals, including silicones
Verdict: Do try Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner if you have dry, damaged hair.
Rating: Overall rating for Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner: 8.5/10
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