Oppo F3 Plus: Up your selfie game!

Oppo F3 Plus: Your new Selfie Expert

Keeping your selfie game strong is almost a necessity these days. Everywhere you go- events, parties, family gatherings and dates, a selfie has become mandatory. And taking group selfies is also big these days but the average phones kinda don’t help too much in the department. Well, Oppo has launched a new #SelfieExpert in the Indian market which has dual front lenses- one for selfie, one for group selfie. How cool is that! Read on for more deets!

oppo f3 plus review

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Stunning weekend getaway pics with the Zenfone 3

Hello everyone!

What a fab weekend just went by! I had probably my most relaxing weekend ever, lazing around in the stunning Double Tree by Hilton hotel at Agra. Me and my bestie took off to Agra on Saturday morning and came back Sunday night, feeling fully relaxed. We enjoyed the spa, the hospitality of the hotel and the luxuries of their presidential suite and lounging by the poolside to our heart’s content. I even got a little lazy with the phtography bit, ditching my DSLR for the amazing Asus Zenfone 3! Check out some pics from this new phone below.


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Easy juicing at home / Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

Hey girls!

Juicing is such a big trend these days. Everywhere you look around, especially if you are health conscious, there’s a new brand coming up which has a range of fresh juices for you to gulp down for your daily dose of nutrients, roughage, enzymes, etc. And while I would love to go on one such diet sometime, I have to admit that following these regimes which are dependent on other people delivering the juice to my doorstep each day is a little tough for me. Not to forget, tough on the pocket too.

I recently came across the new Kent Cold Pressed Juicer, and jumped right onto the wagon of home made cold presed juices, because who doesn’t want some extra glow on the face?

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A day in my life | Gionee F103 Pro

A day in the life of a blogger & entrepreneur can range from hectic and crazy to super lazy! I am my own boss, which means I have the luxury of taking a monday off when I feel like while also meaning that I work through most weekends. This is the life that I have created for myself, and I love every bit of it! I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! Take a peek into a day in my life below.

gionee f103 pro_

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My life this month on the Asus Zenfone Zoom

Hey everyone!

Apologies for the slightly long hiatus this month. I have been travelling extensively through February, and even had a week long holiday this month 😀

While I’m travelling to scenic locations, the one thing which is constantly on my mind is clicking pictures. And not just basic pictures, pictures which can give YOU guys a good experience of that place too via my travelogues. But trust me, carrying a DSLR with a host of lenses in the kit-bag is a pain! So all this while, I’ve been using the Asus Zenfone Zoom phone, and I must say Asus manages to impress me with their phones every single time, and the new Asus Zoom is one of the good camera phones out there! Read and see below what all I did through February!

asus zoom review

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser- video review

Hey everyone!

While taking pictures is almost a necessity, having a good camera at hand is important too. But us girls need our products to multi-task too, so a phone with a good camera is so important these days!

I have been using the new Asus Zenfone 2 Laser phone for a few weeks now, and apart from all the other things that I love about it (the golden back-cover and slim body etc.), I love the camera the most. The camera takes amazing, crisp pictures and I love that it has various modes like Panorama, background defocus, night mode etc. in it which help you click good pictures in whatever kind of lighting/ setup you are.

The phone has been a constant companion on trips and shoots of late, and I’m quite impressed with the pictures it clicks.

For full review, check out my video below:

Check out more details about the phone on Asus’ website. You may buy the phone on sale online.

Do let me know how you liked the review, and if you’d like to see more such reviews in the future!

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Top-5 makeup tips for selfies!

Hey everyone!

We live in the times of Instagram (follow me) and Snapchat, and sharing pictures and changing the DP’s (display pictures) on our social media profiles is one hobby all of us share! And not to forget, the constant sharing of pictures with our groups of friends on other chatting-apps (like WhatsApp). I do it all the time! I’m sure you do too!

So since clicking selfies is everyone’s hobby these days, I’m going to share my top 5 makeup tips for the same with you all today! Read on!

makeup tips for selfies

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