Pantene Oil Replacement- Review

Hey guys! Finding new products is my fancy, and I love sharing the latest ones with you guys. It is, though, rare for me to experiment too much with my hair, but when I do, I make sure you guys know about it too! Let’s take a look at my latest discovery in haircare- the Pantene Oil Replacement!

pantene oil replacement

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Best Hair Care Hacks From Your Kitchen

Hair care hacks from your kitchen!

Hii Beauties,

In the era of today’s pollution and dirt, hair care takes a toll on us. That is the reason most of the times you will see that our hair is tied in a bun. That long swept open hair is a dream. And that is the reason why expensive hair creams and hair care products are in demand in the market these days. But do you know that all of them are loaded with chemicals and preservatives???

hair care hacks

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Satthwa premium hair oil: Review

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review, Price India

Hey everyone!

It is officially FALL season all around us. And while in India, you don’t really get those picture perfect fall scenes with tree leaves in a multitude of colors all around, you do get one thing for sure- hair fall! The moment seasons change here, hair fall is something you need to tackle, no matter where you live. I have, however, come across a product recently which helped me a great deal during this changing season this time- the Satthwa premium hair oil. Read on for the full review.


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Sunday Pampering: Oiling your hair!

Hey everyone!
Now you’d wonder why Ritu is writing about oiling the hair, we have been doing it for years! We all know the good and the bad about oiling the hair, and I’m not discussing them in this post. It is all about the right way of oiling the hair, from my personal experience.
Here’s how to oil your hair in the best possible way to get the maximum benefits out of the whole procedure.

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