Story of my Lux life- The trip to France!

One of the best parts about my life right now, I’d say, is my association with Lux as a Lux Ambassador. Being associated with a brand like Lux which is so widely used in India and which invokes nostalgia every time we think of it is a huge pleasure, and something I take pride in.

This year too, I was lucky enough to visit France with Lux (check out last year’s trip here), and today I shall share all the deets on what all we did in south of France to understand fragrances better. Keep reading. And be prepared to be bombarded with pics, especially those of the lavender fields! I had a tough time selecting just a few!

story of my lux life

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Paris diaries IV: Musée International de la Parfumerie

Hello ladies!

Hope you have gone through all the posts from Paris/ France till now. Today’s post is from our last day in France, and also the most beautiful one! The Lux Fragrance Experience was amazing through and through, and I am so grateful to the teams behind Lux for curating for us the most special experiences in France. I managed to do things and visit places that I wouldn’t have done/ visited had I been travelling on my own. I mean, not everyday do you visit a perfume museum or dine at a Michelin Star restaurant, do you?

lux fragrance experience

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Story of my LUX life!

Every once in a while, you come across something which makes you nostalgic and sends you down the memory lane. Beauty products are no exception. You’d always remember your first brush with Mom’s lipstick, or the first time you actually wore makeup (which was probably for a play in school), the first time you decked up as a bride while role-playing, etc.

One such brand for me all of us is Lux. I remember having Lux soaps around in the house from when I was a kid! Always the ones to have the best of fragrances, Lux was a big part of our lives growing up! So when Lux recently approached me to be one of their Global blogger ambassadors, I happily jumped on the bandwagon!

PS- Read till the end of the post for some big news!

story of my lux life indian beauty blog

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