Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash- Review

Hey girls!

The weather here in Delhi is all sticky right now, and the first signs of the weather appear on my face, in my case. Blessed with the oiliest of skin, come monsoons, and I’m ready to put my oiliest shiniest face forward! Add to it my hectic travel schedule these days, and you can only imagine how difficult it gets to tackle such oily skin in this weather. Gel based products are my best bet during this time of the year. I recently discovered the new Medimix Ayurvedic face wash. Keep reading for the deets!

medimix ayurvedic face wash review indian beauty blog

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Go natural with Medimix this season!

Hey everyone!

It is getting super old here in Delhi these days, with December beginning with this winter’s first spell of rain too. The days are slightly dull and gloomy here since a few days, and all our woollens are now out of hibernation! Well, winters also bring along dry skin for all of us, no exceptions. Whatever your skin type be, you do experience dry skin to some extent.

This season, take a break from harsh chemicals and go natural with Medimix with their new glycerine soap, and prevent skin dryness altogether. I give you 5 reasons on why you should switch to Medimix!

medimix natural glycerine soap review1. The soap contains a unique combination of the purest and finest grade vegetable glycerin and the time tested Ayurvedic formula of Lakshadi oil to effectively prevent dry skin.

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