Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make-up: 302 Enriched Natural review

Hi girls….how many times we pick up a foundation with sky-high hopes and expectations after swatching on the hand and even trying on the face at the stores, and we realize that the shade is a total bummer only when we come home????

Well, it happened a lot with me, until I discovered my HG Foundation….the Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make-up in the shade 302 is one such dud product for me…I have no good things to say about it from my personal experience (nothing against the Brand, please), but I’ll still try and give you a realistic picture.

About Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make-up*:

Ensures you keep glowing all day long and look luminous and younger, at the same time, concealing any flaws/imperfections.

 When long work hours and a demanding lifestyle leave your usually healthy/radiant complexion looking greasy and drained, Chambor’s Enriched Revitalizing Makeup ensures that you keep glowing all day long and look luminous and younger, at the same time, concealing any flaws/imperfections. Use this easy-to-apply creamy foundation and create the perfect flawless skin/base you’ve always desired, perfectly creating a natural, no-makeup look this season.

Its ingredients include Hop & Ginkgo Biloba extracts. The HOP extracts firms and revitalizes the skin, giving it a luminous texture & Gingko Biloba Extract to fight free radicals. It even enriched with Vitamin A & E & the SPF 18 component protects your skin from sun damage to give you a youthful and impeccably radiant complexion.

·         Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin

·         Gives an even Flawless & luminous finish

·         Reduces fine lines

·         Enriched with plant extracts comprising of Anti-ageing properties

·         Water resistant – Long Lasting

·         Non Comodogenic

·         Easily gets blended

·         No animal ingredients

·         Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested

Price: Rs. 995 for 30mL.

Packaging:the bottle of Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make-up is made up of glass and is quite heavy because of that. It comes with a pump dispenser, which dispenses just the right amount of foundation. The dispenser can be secured with the transparent plastic cap.

Consistency:The foundation is liquidy, spreads and blends easily. Does not feel too heavy on the skin.

My experience:hmmm… I bought this liquid foundation some time back, for a few functions of a friend’s wedding… the story goes this way…(very frustrating)

I went to the Chambor counter, and asked the SA to give me a liquid foundation with full coverage. She showed me this and swatched and blended this on my hand. I asked her to apply it on my face as the skintone on the hand and face is always different. She did that…I checked in the mirror…my face looked fine… I asked her to give me a hand-held mirror, and I went outside the store (with only one side of the face covered with foundation) to check my face in natural day-light (store had yellow lights)…the face again looked fine…. I came back to the counter and happily bought this foundation…

Came back home, and excitedly applied this on my face, all the while thinking that yayyy, I have found the right foundation for myself…but NO…I looked like a ghost….my face was completely WHITE…I tried blending with a sponge, puff, foundation brush, buffer brush…everything….but this shade failed me all the time…

The result? I have never worn this shade after the day I bought it… Never ever have I worn it….Phew…

See swatches below…Note the white cast on my skin.

I know so many of you will identify with my experience…

Quickly summing up the pros and cons…

Pros: (from that 1 time experience)

·        Moisturising formula, suitable for dry skin

·        Has SPF-18

·        Claims to be long stay, full coverage, non-comedogenic and free of animal ingredients….Since I have practically never worn it, I cannot comment on all these points.


·        Expensive

·        Limited number of shades, so you’ll have to struggle with finding a suitable match, if at all.

·        Shade 302 leaves a white cast on my MAC-NC45 skintone.

Verdict:If you find your shade match, and have dry to normal skin, please go ahead and try this foundation.. Dusky beauties may steer clear from this range, as finding a suitable match is practically impossible in this range..

Rating: I really cannot rate this foundation…

I really hope you liked the review.. 😐

*Information source: Chambor website
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Style Watch: Stripes

Hey girls….wanna know what is the hottest trend in terms of design this season? the stripes….yes, the stripes are back in action.

Check out some ways in which you can sport this trend.

An evening cocktail dress, as below:

Casual day-wear chic dresses:

Some celebs spotted in this trend:

Striped trousers:

Striped summer shirt: 

Tips and tricks for wearing stripes:
  • keep only one element of your dress/ ensemble striped…Never pair a striped shirt with a striped trouser or vice versa…
  • try to keep colours in the striped garment to minimum i.e. 2 colours….Multi-coloured stripes may look over-the-top..
  • keep accessories simple/ minimum….the focus should be on the stripes and nothing else.
  • people with short height should wear vertical stripes to add the appearance of length to their height, e.g. vertically striped trousers.
  • people with extra fat around the waist should not wear horizontal stripes as it will make them appear fuller…on the contrary, thin people can wear horizontal stripes to add the appearance of volume to their body….

Keep the above, simple tips in your mind, and flaunt stripes this season!!!

Images courtesy: [1][2][3][4][5]

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MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC 44.5- Review

Hey everyone… I’m back with another product review from MAC…As you know, MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation is my favourite liquid foundation. Today, I’m reviewing my favourite compact. It is the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in the shade NC 44.5.

I use NC 45 in liquid foundation and NC 44.5 in powder foundation.

What is MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation?*: A one step application of foundation and powder. Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full coverage finish. Long-wearing: lasts for upto eight hours. A real all-in-one. The choice of pros, and a long time favourite of M.A.C. fans.

Price: Rs. 1600 for 15g.

Packaging: Standard MAC packaging. Black carton with white imprint. The case of the powder + foundation is also standard MAC, black matte case with white imprint. Inside, the case is divided into two compartments. The upper compartment has the powder+foundation, the lower one is to store the sponge applicator. The lower part of the case has many holes in it, probably to allow ventilation of the sponge, eh… The case has a round mirror on the inside of the lid. The case shuts securely, and is travel friendly.

Applicator:The applicator is made up of soft latex sponge. It is white in color, and very flexible. Can be washed and reused.  

Shade:NC44.5 is meant for girls with olive skin or yellow undertones, whatever you may call it. It has no pinkish tint to it, and does not leave a white cast on my skin. Blends perfectly with my skin tone.

Consistency and texture: the powder is very smooth to touch, and very pigmented.

I am in love with MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation, but ever since summers approached here in Delhi, wearing a liquid foundation on a daily basis becomes a TASK! I went to the store and tried this foundation, and instantly fell in love with how the skin felt on application of this powder. It makes my skin soft and smooth. The MUA suggested a shade lighter than liquid foundation, and I picked up NC 44.5 for myself. Also, since I have oily skin, I am always on the lookout for products which can make my face look mattified, this one fits the bill perfectly. It controls shine on my face for 3-4 hours when applied with the applicator provided, and for 2-3 hours when applied with a powder brush.

Coverage: provides medium coverage when applied with the applicator, which can be built. Although it does not cover pigmentation completely.


·        Keeps skin mattified for a decent amount of time

·        Provides medium coverage, which is buildable.

·        Feels weightless on the skin, perfect for summers. Makes skin smooth.

·        Soft applicator

·        Sturdy, travel friendly packaging

·        The case has a mirror, so you can touch up anytime, anywhere.

·        Available in a lot of shades, so all of you can find your match easily.


·        May be expensive for some, but then its MAC!

·        MAC is not available everywhere/ online

Verdict: this is my HG compact, and I’d recommend this to anybody on the lookout for a powder which keeps skin mattified, and also provides some coverage in a jiffy. Perfect stuff for summers!!

Rating: 9.5/10

* Information source: MAC Cosmetics website

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My first giveaway!

Hey girls….I am going to come up with the very first giveaway on my blog soon… 

The giveaway would be declared when the blog reaches 50 followers.

The prizes???? stay around for further updates…it’s gonna be really exciting! I promise…

A blog sale is also on the way!

Gear up for some action!! Stay tuned!!


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Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm-Pink Blossom Review

About the lip balm:  Discover creamy white lip balm that blossoms on contact with lips.

Price:Rs. 99 for 1.7g

Packaging:The Color Bloom Lip balm comes in a slender tube, in the color corresponding to the shade. The lip balm on the inside is white/ transparent in color.

On application, the balm changes color from clear to pink after 15-20 seconds.

The intensity of color will depend on how much you apply on the lips.

This lip balm makes for a good product when you are in a hurry and want color + care in a jiffy. I use this when I want to go to a small grocery shopping. Doesn’t look too made up, but you still have color on the lips!

Swatch on application-clear

Swatch-1 minute after application. Note the pink tint

·        Unique color changing lip balm

·        Moisturising.. lips stay moisturised for 3-4 hours on an average, but this depends on your individual lips. If you have very dry lips, the effect will last for lesser time. can be used by girls with pigmented lips.

·        Affordable price

·        Easy availability
·        Easy to carry and slender packaging


·        Some girls do not like coloured lip balms, but that’s a personal preference

·        Boys, who occasionally use lip balms, may not be able to use this…lol 😛

·        Maybelline tests on animals.

Verdict:this is a good buy for the price. I’ll definitely repurchase.


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Sunday Pampering- DIY Lip Care

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the week again…come Sunday, and we get time to pamper ourselves a bit, taking out some time for ourselves from our busy schedule.
Today, we’ll discuss DIY methods for lip care.

Some various problems our lips face daily are:

·        Dry lips

·        Chapped lips

·        Pigmented lips- Most difficult to treat

With some lifestyle changes, we can rid ourselves of the above problems.

Some tips for luscious lips:

·        Make sure you drink 3-4 litres of water a day. The skin on the lips is the thinnest on the face and body, and they show the first signs of dehydration. Dry lips are an indication of a dehydrated body. The moment you feel like putting on some lip balm, remember, the root cause is somewhere else. You are generally dehydrated. So before applying lip balm, drink a glass full of water.


·        Keep lips moisturised by using lip balms frequently during the day. This is to treat surface dryness only. Remember, the root cause of dry lips is somewhere else (read above point).

·        Like any other body part, lips also shed dry/ dead skin at regular intervals. If not taken care of, it results in chapped lips. Remember to scrub lips regularly (atleast every alternate day) to get rid of dead skin. Some ways in which this can be done are (use one method at a time):

o   Using a wet toothbrush. After brushing your teeth, scrub your lips with your toothbrush to remove dead skin. Remember to be very gentle.

o   After washing your face, you may wipe off the dead skin from the lips using the hard-ends of your towel. Again, being gentle is the key!

o   Make fresh lip scrubs at home using simple ingredients such as sugar granules and glycerine. Gently massage this scrub on your lips for a minute, then wash off to get soft lips.

·        After scrubbing, moisturise lips well using a lip balm.

·        Desi ghee is a very potent moisturiser for the lips. It is freely available in each household, and works very effectively too.

·        Grandma’s tip: Pour 2-3 drops of mustard oil into your navel before sleeping. This helps in keeping lips soft.

·        Always use good quality lip products.

·        Avoid excessive coffees, teas and completely avoid cigarettes to avoid lip pigmentation.

·        If you already have pigmented lips, use glycerine and rosewater on the lips. This will gradually lighten the pigmentation, though it will take a LOT of time.

Hope you liked the article.

Any suggestions or tried and tested methods are welcome. Please leave a comment below.

Have a fun Sunday!!

Take care J

Image source: [2][3]
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Inglot Under-Eye Concealer Review

Hey girls…today I’m reviewing Inglot Under Eye Concealer, shade DW1for you all. Hope you like it!
Description from Inglot:Paraben free formula. Not tested on animals.

Price: Rs. 700 for 10 mL.

Packaging: The Inglot Under Eye Concealer comes in a black carton, with white imprint. I find such packagings very classy. The tube is a transparent, easy to squeeze plastic tube, with a black screw on cap. For dispensing the product, the tube has a small nozzle. This is where the whole problem is. Since the consistency of the concealer is quite thin, whenever I open the tube, there always is some product on the nozzle. This always irks me. It looks very messy..

Note the messy nozzle

Shade: The shade that I have is DW1, and it is suitable for wheatish skin tone.

Consistency: Inglot under eye concealer is a liquidy, runny concealer. It feels weightless on the skin.

I have very oily skin, and I am always on the lookout for light (read oil free) products to be used on the face. This concealer caught my fancy for its consistency.


·        Provides good coverage for dark circles.

·        Can also be used to conceal minor blemishes on other areas of the face.

·        Staying power is decent. Around 4-5 hours. Staying power can be increase by priming the under eye area before concealer application.

·        Does not give a cakey appearance, as the consistency is light.

·        Does not oxidize (i.e. it does not turn ashy/ dark after some time)

·        Hygienic tube packaging

Bare eyes

After applying Inglot Under Eye Concealer


·        I hate the packaging, but I don’t think such a liquidy product can be sold in any other kind of packaging.

·        Staying power alone is not too impressive.

·        Since it is a runny liquid, dry skinned beauties may not like it much. May need to use an under-eye moisturiser before application.

·        Price may be too high for some.

Verdict: Overall, this is one of my favourite under-eye concealers. Must try for oily skinned girls. Shade DW1 is suitable for dusky skin.

Rating: 8.5/ 10

 Which is your favourite under eye concealer?
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MAC Lip Erase- Review, swatches and usage

Hi everyone!
I have been writing about drugstore cosmetics for some time now (that’s because I had all pictures ready, and I wrote an article whenever I got time), so I thought I’ll write a few reviews for some high-end cosmetics for some time now. Here’s the review of MAC Lip Erase in the shade ‘Dim’.

Yes, gear up, as this review has the potential of being the life saviour (in terms of make-up woes) for many girls, especially for those who have pigmented lips.

Any girl who has pigmented lips knows the plight of wearing lipsticks. Most colors do not show up fully, because the natural color of the lips drinks up the color of the lipstick. You cannot even think of wearing nudes or light pinks. Only darker colors do justice to the lip color. Expert make-up artists suggest you to apply concealer and lip balm on the lips before applying lip color, so as to neutralise the original color of the lips. This is where MAC comes up with a solution.

MAC Lip Erase is a concealer for pigmented lips. Yes, its a conditioning- cum- concealing lip balm for pigmented lips.

Price:Rs. 1400 for 15 mL.

Packaging:MAC Lip Erase comes in the regular MAC packaging, black cardboard box with white print. I find the packaging very classy. The pot containing the lip erase is made up of glass, with a classy black lid. I just seem to love MAC’s classy packaging, is all I can say here.

Shade:the shade ‘Dim’ is rather too pale for my liking. I would have picked this up in a darker color, but the store that I went to had only this shade, and I desperately wanted to buy this. So I eventually picked this up.

Consistency and texture: the consistency of MAC Lip Erase is like a creamy concealer. It is easy to apply, and glides smoothly on the lips.

Usage:This is how I use this. I start off with scrubbing my lips to get rid of any dead skin. Then I apply lip balm on my lips. After 2-3 minutes, I blot the lip balm with a tissue paper, and apply MAC Lip Erase (after which I look scary! Haha). I then apply lipcolor after 1-2 minutes. I give gaps of 1-2 minutes between all the steps to allow the products to adhere to the skin better.

Moisturisation:The main concern with any lip product remains its ability to keep the lips moisturised, atleast for all the time it is on the lips. MAC Lip Erase is not very good at moisturising. If worn without a lip balm, it tends to dry out the lips. So I always use it over/ under a lip balm.

Enough of rambling. I know you must be waiting to see the before and after pics. Here they go:


This is how MAC Lip Erase looks on my lips

The ‘After’ pics look better, don’t they? I can atleast wear some sheer glosses with much more confidence now. 🙂 
Summing up:

·        Its a boon for girls with pigmented lips.

·        The original color of any lipcolor tends to show better with MAC Lip Erase than without it, on pigmented lips.

·        Long staying power. Stays put throughout the day( 7-8 hours), but you need to apply lip balm to keep lips moisturised.

·        Travel friendly pack


·        Dries out the lips, but not something which a lip balm cannot take care of.

·        Since it is a potted product, you’ll need to use your fingers/ lip brush/ q-tip for application. This raises hygiene concerns.

·        Price may be a huge hurdle with most people. But then, its MAC, so….

·        Availability. MAC is not available everywhere in India, and they do not even retail online here.

Verdict:if you have pigmented lips, do give this a try. It is expensive, but worth every penny.

Rating:9/ 10.

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Chambor Volume Plus Mascara 01-True Black Review

Hi friends. I’m back with another mascara review. This time, it is the Chambor Volume Plus mascara in the shade 01-black. Read on to know more.

About the mascara*: Chambor Volume Plus Macara True Black gives natural volume and shine to the lashes. Also:

·         Enriched with Vitamin D – Pantenol to moisturize & restore lashes to prevent dehydration.

·         It’s in a Cream Base formula which has a Non Drip Formula.

·         Light weight.

·         Immediately thickens & builds lashes for a dramatically intense look.

·         It doesn’t clump.

·         Water Resistant – Long Lasting & Easy to remove.

·         Vitamin Enriched : Vitamin – A & E.

·         No Animal Ingredients.

·         Non – Comodogenic.

Price:I got this for free with a Chambor haul. I don’t know the price, and the Chambor website also does not mention the price.

Quantity:11 mL.

Packaging: The mascara tube is in the regular Chambor blue with silver imprint, with the Chambor rose on one side and shade number written on another side.

Applicator: The wand is a straight one (not curved, that is), and since the formula is no-drip, the mascara doesn’t seem too obvious on the wand.

The Wand

Color: The shade that I have is ‘o1- True Black’. it’s more of a charcoal black shade, not jet black. but I’m fine with it, I use this mascara during the day.

I got this mascara as a freebie with many more products that I bought, so when I came home and opened the tube, I thought maybe they have given me a very old pack, so the mascara has dried. Only while researching for this article did I realize that it was meant to be this way. It is a cream based formula, hence different from the regular mascara formulas I’m used to. Thank God, I didn’t throw it already!

Lets analyse all the company claims one by one:

·         Enriched with Vitamin D? – Pantenol to moisturize & restore lashes to prevent dehydration:Now, what does lash moisturisation mean, will somebody tell me? I don’t understand this claim. L

·         It’s in a Cream Base formula which has a Non Drip Formula?: Right, it is quite a thick mascara, doesn’t look shiny, liquidy on the wand, and doesn’t stain/ drip.

·         Light weight?: yeah, it does not feel heavy on the lashes, if that is what they mean. Lol.

·        Immediately thickens & builds lashes for a dramatically intense look?: true. But only to some extent. Nothing too dramatic. This is not the best mascara that I’ve used.

·         It doesn’t clump?: Right. Unlike the regular liquidy mascaras, this doesn’t leave clumps on the lashes. I think this is because of the cream formula. 

·         Water Resistant – Long Lasting & Easy to remove?: Yes, it is water resistant, but not water-proof. So if you wash your eyes and you happen to wipe/ rub them, this mascara will get removed.

·         Vitamin Enriched : Vitamin – A & E?: Okay, if the company says so. There is no way I can test this.

·         No Animal Ingredients?: Yayy…Thumbs up for this.

·         Non – Comodogenic?: Again, what has a mascara got to do with being non-comedogenic?

Below are some before and after pics:

Bare eyes

Verdict: All in all, it’s an average mascara. Can be worn to office or during the day. College going girls will like it for sure. But do not expect too much drama from this mascara.

P. S.: I think Chambor has described the mascara with some funny mistakes, like non-comedogenic, light weight and moisturising…lol…

Rating: 6/10.

* Information source: Chambor website
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