Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara Review

Hey girls, today I am reviewing the Hyper Curl Mascara from Maybelline.

About the mascara: This mascara has two effects – it instantly builds 3X volume of lashes and curls them for more dramatic effect. The exclusive curl-lock formula holds lashes for upto 18 hours and it is clump free. Its ultra waterproof formula ensures long lasting wear.

Price: Rs. 175 for 9.2mL

Packaging: The mascara tube is a glossy black tube, with the product name written in pink color. The cap/ handle is metallic silver.
The applicator of this mascara is slightly bent at the centre, thus being curved. It helps in easy application of the mascara as the shape of the applicator aligns with the natural curve of the lashes.

The Hyper Curl mascara is not the best mascaras that I have used. It is an average mascara with very average effect.
I have used the Colossal Mascara from Maybelline, and I like that too. This mascara (hyper curl) is a bit toned down in effect, i.e. the eyelash lengthening and volumising effect is slightly lesser than the Colossal mascara, but I prefer Hyper Curl to Colossal for day wear. It never looks OTT (over-the-top) during the day. It adds just the right amount of drama to the eyes for day wear.
The shade that I bought is black (that’s the only one available), and the color payoff is good.
It is also available in the washable version, but I always use waterproof mascaras only, so I bought this one.
Being washable, you cannot remove it with plain water. A separate oil-based make-up remover is required.
Below are the before and after pics:

Some other pointers:

·         It is easy to carry mascara
·         Easily available
·         Affordable price
·         Stays on till you remove it with a make-up remover
·         Does not clump
·         It does not add too much volume or length to the eyelashes
Verdict: Buy the Hyper Curl mascara if you need a mascara for office/ day wear on a budget.

Rating: 9/10
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Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner 775 Copper Brown Review and swatches

Hey girls… This is a quick review of the Maybelline Colorsensational  lip liner in the shade 775 Copper Brown.

About the lip liner: Keep your lip color looking beautiful with coordinated lip liners that won’t smudge, smear or bleed.

Price: Rs. 210 for 5g.

My experience: I bought this lip liner pencil with the 630 Velvet Beige lipliner from the same brand and range, and this one is just as good. I use this to line my lips, or to fill them with this lip liner, to achieve perfectly defined lips.
The texture is smooth, and it glides easily on the lips. This shade has no shimmer, unlike Velvet Beige. This shade goes well with brown lipsticks/ gloss. It can be used to outline the lips, or as a base for lipsticks or glosses.

Below is the swatch:

Also see comparative swatches of Copper Brown and Velvet Beige lip liners from Maybelline:
swatches with flash

swatches without flash

·         Smooth texture, lines the lips easily
·         Suitable for day wear
·         Stays for 3-4 hours
·         Color pay-off is good
·         Easy to carry
·         Will last for a long time
·         Affordable price and easy availability

·         Needs to be sharpened with a sharpener.
·         Maybelline tests on animals
Verdict: This is a good lip liner for its price.  
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Sunday Pampering: DIY Pedi-spa at home

It’s Sunday Ladies!!
I love to pamper myself at home on Sundays…. I like to dedicate a few hours to myself on Sundays, and I have come up with a schedule for DIY (do-it-yourself) pampering for myself on Sundays.

I am starting a new series of ‘Sunday Pamperings’ on this blog. I would like to share my Sunday routine with all of you. I have been following these routines since 4-5 year, and they are quite safe and effective in the long run.

We begin with a pedi-spa this week. A pedi-spa or a spa pedicure to keep the feet lovely, refreshed and relaxed. Also, I find parlor-pedicures a bit too unhygienic. I mean, they use the same quipments for everyone, which freaks me out (even if they sterilise them, I don’t like the whole concept).
I prefer doing my own pedicures at minimum cost and minimum risk of infections.
The advantagesof a pedi-spa are:
-you and your feet get relaxed
-all dead skin is removed
-it leaves you with soft skin
-removes tan and brightens skin
Things you’ll need: a big tub (full of warm water), 1-2 cups of milk, handful of rose petals (or rose water, if petals are not available), foot soak/ shampoo, foot scrub, heel buffer/ pumice stone, nail polish remover, nail clip (nail cutter), foot file, nail buffer, foot cream, nail filer, nail polish (clear and coloured)

1.       Remove nail polish from the nails (preferably do it on Saturday night itself. That way, your nails will get some time to breathe!)
2.       Trim your nails and file them to get the desired shape. Remember, toe nails should not be filed round, as that increases the chances on ingrown toe-nails.
3.       Take the tub and fill it with warm water..add milk and rose petals to it, to get that SPA feeling at home. You may also add some foot-soak solution/ mild shampoo in the water.
4.       Sit on a chair and dip your feet in the water for 15 minutes, and relax.
5.       After 15 minutes, take your feet out from the water and wash with plain water.
6.       Scrub your feet with a foot scrub and the heels with a heel buffer/ pumice stone to remove all dead skin. Clip any dead skin from around the nails.
7.       Push back cuticles with a q-tip while the cuticles are still wet.
8.       Wash your feet again and towel dry them properly.
9.       Now moisturise your feet generously with a foot cream. Wear cotton socks and go about your daily activities for some time now (this is optional. It really depends on how much time you have at hand).
10.   When you again have some spare time, buff your nails to get a smooth canvas for nail paints. Apply a clear base coat on your nails. This ensure that nail polish will uniformly glide on the nails, and it prevents the yellowing of nails.
11.   Apply 2 coats of your favourite nail color, and you’re good to go for the whole week!
I hope you liked the post.
Please go ahead and try this for yourself. I do it regularly, and I just love this pedi-spa.
Please leave comments below.

Image source: Link
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VLCC Insta Fair and Glow Clear Skin Scrub and Pack

I had banned VLCC products from my life some time back, mainly because one of their sunscreens felt so heavy on my skin that i started sweating badly and fell short of breath…all this from a sunscreen… I have now tried a product from VLCC after many years.. Read on to know if it has changed my mind about the brand.
I am reviewing the VLCC Insta Fair and Glow Clear Skin Scrub and Pack.

About the product: Enriched with Mulberry, known to inhibit formation of Melanin, which makes skin colour dark and Licorice, known for its complexion enhancing properties.

What it claims: this 2 in 1 scrub pack exfoliates skin, lifts excess oil, dirt and impurities to leave skin naturally refreshed and clear. Face pack absorbs the excess oil and greasiness from the skin surface and the scrub removes the deep-seated dirt and grime from the open pores.

Price: Rs. 75 for 50g.

Ingredients: allantoin, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, sodium laureth sulphate, kaolin, dimethicon, licorice extract and mulberry extract.

Packaging: it comes in a white flip-top, squeezing tube. The top of the tube is silver in color.

Directions for use:
Squeeze a small amount on wet palm and apply on wet face, avoiding eye and mouth areas. Scrub gently for 5-7 minutes with fingertips in circular motion. Reapply a thin layer all over face avoiding moth and eye areas, leave on for 10 minutes (this pack will not dry). Rinse off and pat dry gently.

About one month back back, I was on the lookout for a de-tan face pack. Summers have started here in Delhi some time back, and I have started getting tanned already. I wanted something which could get rid of the tan, and also reduce the previously acquired tan, if possible.

This VLCC scrub cum pack caught my fancy, while looking at all possible products. This is for the first time that I am seeing such a concept in the Indian market. So i picked it up, along with a VLCC anti-tan facial kit (review coming soon) and a few more products.

I came home and started to use this product. The first thing that caught my attention was the smell….it smells like some shampoo that I used to use when I was a kid, but I can’t remember its name. If I have to describe the smell, it is a bubble-gummy smell. The texture is grainy, but the grains are very fine. It has soft red granules (probably the Mulberry effect) interspersed in the scrub, but they are not harsh to touch. They just melt away.

The cream is white in color.

As a scrub, it is the perfect everyday scrub. Very mild and gentle.

As a face pack, on application, it does not dry, like usual packs. It remains creamy, and does not stretch my skin. It does remove all the oil from my (oily) face, and leaves the skin squeaky clean.

As far as fairness is concerned, it imparts only a temporary glow to the face for 1-2 hours, after which the glow fades. I cannot really say if it has reduced the tan on my face, as I am using this pack in conjunction with a few more methods aimed at tan removal. But it is not a total failure, I must say.

I use it in the following ways:

·         As a scrub, when I only need mild exfoliation

·         As a scrub, followed by using it as a pack.

Summing up:


·         Unique scrub cum pack concept. I like multi-purpose products.

·         Creamy formula, not too drying for skin. Dry skinned girls may try this product.

·         It is a mild, everyday scrub

·         Easy to carry tube packaging

·         Imparts a temporary glow to the skin

·         Economical


·         Cannot say if it is lightening my skin i.e. removing the tan (I do not wish to be fair!)

·         The glow on the face doesn’t stay for long

Verdict: Buy this, if you are on the lookout for a mild, everyday scrub, which also imparts glow to the skin.

Rating: 7/10

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Holy Basil for your skin

Holy Basil, commonly known as Tulsi in India, is not only used for religious purposes, it has its many health and beauty benefits too. It is one of the most potential saviours for troubled skin, and is easily available.

A Tulsi plant is said to purify the air surrounding the place where it is planted. This is probably why every Indian household used to have a Tulsi plant potted in the household till a few years back.

Some common usages of Tulsi are:
·         As an insect and mosquito repellent
·         As an air purifier
·         For ailment like common cold and cough, stomach ache
·         It is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood detoxifying agent
·         As an anti-acne agent
·         Extracts of basil are used in cosmetics to soothe inflammation and acne
·         As a flavouring agent in food
Usage of Basil for skin at home: The following remedies may be used to cure minor skin ailments at home:

Pack for skin brightening

You will need: 4-5 neem leaves, 4-5 basil leaves, 1 tablespoon gram flour (besan), rose water
Method: Grind together neem and basil leaves. Add gram flour and mix. Then add rose water in sufficient quantity to achieve the consistency of a face pack. Apply on the face in upward direction. Let it dry for 15 minutes, then wash off with water.
Tip: If you have dry skin, substitute gram flour with sandalwood powder.

Spot-treatment for acne

You will need: 1-2 basil leaves
Method: Take 1-2 washed basil leaves in your hand (disinfect hand before-hand), and crush the basil leaves between your thumb and index finger. You will get the pure basil extract on your finger. Apply this to the pimple with your finger and leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then wash off with water. This will help in soothing the pimple, and also acts as an anti-bacterial agent.
Tip: Alwayswash the leaves before using, and disinfect your hands

Skin toner for oily and acne prone skin

You will need: 20-30 tulsi leaves, 1 litre water, strainer, clean bottle
Method: Boil 20-30 tulsi leaves in a litre of water, till the water is reduced to half. Let it cool completely. Strain the liquid and pour in a clean bottle. The toner is ready. Apply onto the face with cotton-wool in place of your regular toner. This liquid can also be used to dilute your regular face packs for added benefit.

Image source: Link

Disclaimer: User discretion advised for above suggestions. The Blog does not take any responsibility or guarantee towards efficacy/ safety of the above points. Also, the above suggestions are not towards replacement of a Dermatologist’s treatment.

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Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor-True Chocolate Review and swatches

Hiya gurls…I am so loving building my blog these days. Addicted to this place now! Thanks to all your love and support.  This review is about the Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor in the shade ‘True Chocolate’.

About the product: 16 hours of comfortable color and moisturizing shine. All day lipcolor and gloss that works overtime. ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor covers your lips in full coverage color and shine for up to 16 hours, no touch-ups needed. One end smooths on advanced ColorStay liquid formula with SoftFlex™ for beautiful, comfortable color that won’t kiss off, feather or bleed. The other end brushes on a moisturizing top coat with chamomile and soy extract for all-day glossy softness.

Price: Rs. 875 for 2 mL of coloured gloss.

Packaging: The Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor comes packaged in a clear transparent box, i do not have the pics, sorry. But the tube is dual ended. The coloured lip gloss is at one end and clear lip gloss at another. They are both connected by a central piece, which has 2 doe-foot type applicators attached to it.

As with any long-stay formula, this also needs to be worn on the lips in 2 steps. First, you need to wear the coloured gloss, and allow it 2-3 minutes to dry. I usually complete other things in my make-up ritual in that time, say combing my hair… then you need to generously apply the clear gloss provided with it. It imparts a healthy shine to the lips instantly. The idea is to ‘stick’ the color to the lips first, then add shine using the clear gloss. The color is smooth, rich and opaque. Goes well with Indian attire. Some of you may find it too dark for your taste, atleast for day-wear.


Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash


  • Gorgeous color with good color payoff.

  • Stays for 7-8 hours, with 2-3 applications of clear gloss in between.

  • Does not fade for some time, around 3-4 hours (after which it starts drying, and fading too. Needs to be topped with the clear gloss again).

  • Provides full coverage to pigmented lips.

  • Can be worn sheer and opaque, both ways

  • Easily available online and in stores

  • Complements all skin tones and Indian attire well.


  • A bit drying for the lips

  • Accentuates fine lines because of its drying nature.

  • Need to re-apply gloss after every 3-4 hours.

  • Expensive.. It is expensive for a Revlon product.

Tip: Always scrub your lips before wearing a long-stay color from any brand/ range. They generally tend to stick better on scrubbed lips and last longer. Also, this way, fine lines will not be accentuated.

TDIB rating: 8/10.

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Style watch-2

Hey girls,
I’m back with another style-watch post….
This one is about the latest style in wedding dresses….so all those ladies getting engaged/ married in the near future, take a close look.

So, how many of you saw the pictures on our Desi Diva, Sushmita Sen, sashaying down the ramp in a Manish Malhotra creation, with her younger daughter Alisah at the recently concluded ‘Save and Empower the Girl Child’ campaign????

Well, I’m sure you must not have missed it….If you did, take a look at the pic below….

I just loveee her dress, and its the latest “IN” thing in the Indian wedding wear. This style is sure to rock the wedding scene in India for the coming season…

A lehenga with lots of volume and panel work at the border, a simple blouse, and a long, sheer net jacket with intricate detailing. The jacket is best worn with full sleeves. An accompanying dupatta completes the look. The dress may be accessorised with a simple neck piece and earrings…

Sushmita Sen is wearing a light almond coloured creation with gold and indigo work on the lehenga, and pink detailing on the jacket. Her dupatta is a combination of gold, indigo and pink, with heavy detailing on the border.
Genelia D’Souza wore a similar style for her Sangeet ceremony.


 Priyanka Chopra is looking stunning in a white, gold and maroon outfit in the pic below.


Shilpa Shetty is seen here, wearing a white and gold outfit with indigo border.


So girls, if you (or a family member) are getting married this season, keep an open eye on this hottest style of the season and be the star of the night!
Dazzle your guests (and your man) with this flamboyant dress, and make all heads turn!!!

Please leave comments and suggestions below.

Links to pics: [1][2][3], [4]

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The Versatile Blogger Award!!

I’m sooo happy today, on recieving the first award for my Blog.

I recieved ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ this morning from Neha of Beautiliciuos Blogger (check her Blog here )
Here’s a BIG thank you to Neha….You just completely made my day!

The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and give them a shout out
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  3. State 7 Random facts about your self
  4. Post the award pic to ur blog
I’m passing on this award to the following blogs:

All about ladies at

7 random facts about me:
  1. I like cooking as much as I like make-up
  2. That I wanted to be a fashion designer, but ended up being a doctor
  3. My face is an oil factory…
  4. I love my brother the most in this world….He’s the best guy in my life…
  5. I love adventure sports..
  6. I spend most of my money on Perfumes & cosmetics.
  7. I have done bridal make-up for 2 brides, and party make-up for 5 friends, and I have not done any professional courses for the same.
Tada everyone!

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Chambor Single Blush-63 Soft Plum-Review and swatches

Hello beauties….Today I’m reviewing the Chambor Single Blush in shade no. 63, Soft Plum…

Product description(as on company website here):

Ultra-fine and simple to apply, the basic blush which is formulated to glide weightlessly onto the skin to provide sheer, sun-kissed colour. Builds effortlessly and spreads evenly.

Ingredients: Vitamin A & E

The website also lists the following points/ claims:
·         Convenient to carry & used for re-touch

·         Lasts for long period of time

·         Water resistant – Long Lasting

·         Comes in Powder Form, Can be converted to Cream form by mixing it with Foundation or Moisturizer

·         Excellent blending & adherence capability

·         Non Comedogenic

·         No animal ingredients

We’ll evaluate the product based on all the above claims one by one as we go further with the review.

Price: Rs. 495 for 6g.

Packaging: The Chambor Single Blush comes in a cardboard box (sorry, I do not have pictures of the same, but it was a simple cardboard box in the same color as the outer case of the blush itself). The blush is encased in a plastic case, in the regular blue Chambor’s color, and has the Chambor rose imprinted in silver on the outside. Inside, the case has a mirror and an applicator, which is useless. I have never used it (the plastic covering is still intact). On the back side, the shade number, weight of the product and company name are printed. The case shuts securely, so the packaging is travel-friendly too.

Color and texture: I think most brands these days are having a hard time interpreting colors. The name says Soft Plum, but its not a plum coloured blush (I picked it up after swatching though, and not just by the name, but still)…it is a peachy blush, with lots of silver shimmer. The texture is smooth, and it blends into the skin easily. The shimmer particles are finely milled, and not chunky. But the silver part of the blush overpowers the shade altogether. You see more of the silver shine and less of the color. On my dusky skin, it looks like a wash of ‘silver’ blush on the face, even if I use it with a very light hand. I now mostly use it as a highlighter shade, works perfectly that way!

The staying power is good, especially so with a primer and foundation.

Ways in which this can be used:

  • as a blush (ofcourse!)
  • as a highlighter for the cheek bones and the bridge of the nose.
Swatches (applied with a heavy hand):

Coming to the claims now:

·         Convenient to carry & used for re-touch? Yes, the packaging is travel friendly, the case does not open up in the bag.

·         Lasts for long period of time: Yes, quite long. Actually, the longevity also depends on whether you are wearing a base (primer/ foundation) underneath or not…

·         Water resistant: true.

·         Comes in Powder Form, Can be converted to Cream form by mixing it with Foundation or Moisturizer: I had not even thought of this aspect before doing this review. And being oily skinned, I don’t think I’ll ever need to try this in cream form. Powder form is best for me.

·         Excellent blending & adherence capability: yes, blends well, and stays put on the skin for quite some time..around 4-5 hours or more.

·         Non Comedogenic: It has never broken me out, so this should be true!

·         No animal ingredients: Can’t be tested at home!

Apart from the above points, some more pros and cons are:


  • Easily blendable, soft powder.
  • Good staying power
  • Can be used as a highlighter
  • Travel friendly packaging

  • Looots of silver shimmer particles. The true shade of the blush gets lost somewhere in the shimmer particles.
  • Has some fall-out in the pack. But not much on application.
  • Brush provided in the packaging is useless
  • Price may be bothersome for some
Final verdict: This shade, in my humble opinion, is not meant for dusky skinned beauties. You may easily give this a pass. I am not going to repurchase it.

Rating: 6/10

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Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor-Pure Plum-Review and swatches

Hi everyone. Today I’m reviewing another lipcolor from Maybelline. Its the Moisture Extreme lipcolor in Pure Plum.
About the product:
  • Fall in love with color, all over again
  • Crisp Color from pure color pigment
  • Creamy Feel, with a built in lip balm
  • SPF 15 for sun protection
  • 16 Captivating Shades
Price: Rs. 220 for 4g

Packaging: Pure Plum comes in a shiny red case! It is easy to carry, and the name of the lipcolor is written on the bottom panel.
Availability: Easily available online and at stores.
This is just another color in my Maybelline collection…When I think of the color Plum, this is the color that comes to my mind:

Image source: [1]
 I don’t know why they named it Pure Plum….its a pinkish-brown shade, in my opinion. Otherwise, the texture is smooth and creamy and it is a decent lipstick.

And here is the lipcolor on my lips:

Here, I have lined my lips using Maybelline Colorsensational lipliner 630 Velvet Beige reviewed here.

Quickly summing up the pros and cons:

  • Soft, creamy feel on the lips, spreads easily
  • Good color payoff, although this shade is not as opaque as Dusky Mauve(check review here), but can be built up with 2-3 swipes.
  • Does not bleed or feather
  • Moisturising formula, no need to wear a lip balm additionally
  • Has SPF 15 for sun protection sun protection.
  • Sleek packaging, easy to carry
  • No shimmers/glitters, although that is a personal preference
  • Suitable for office/daily wear
  • Price and availability
  • The color is not PLUM….sad
  • Staying power is not great. It usually stays for 2-3 hours, after which it starts fading. May need to reapply.
  • Does not survive coffee mugs
  • Maybelline tests on animals L
 Rating: 9/10
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